Is The Miz the Right Man to Get Kofi Kingston Over?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 24, 2012

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After spending years floundering in WWE’s midcard and tag team division, it looks like Kofi Kingston is finally getting a major push.

It’s not hard to see why Kingston is getting a shot. He’s young, talented and fairly over with the fans in the arenas, who love his exciting high-flying move set.

Oh, sure, he’s not exactly bursting with charisma and his bland babyface character is frustratingly one-dimensional (although the company has been attempting to give him more of an edge lately as Kofi sets out to prove he can be a top challenger). But he’s as deserving of a push as anyone.

But is The Miz, whom Kofi has been feuding with on television recently, the right guy to help him reach the next plateau?

Well, the obvious answer would be yes. Indeed, in the last few weeks, Kofi’s status in the company has skyrocketed—and not just because of his impressive Intercontinental Championship victory against Miz last Wednesday on Ion’s Main Event.

In fact, thanks to sharing various interview segments with the multi-talented Miz, Kofi has shined as a character and performer.  After years of phoning it in in the midcard, he’s stepped up as a talker and a wrestler to convince fans he’s deserving of the Intercontinental belt. Not since he was on Raw two years ago wrecking Randy Orton’s brand new car has he looked like he has such potential.  

This is undoubtedly due, at least in part, to The Miz being such a terrific performer to work with. Since returning from filming WWE Studios movie The Marine: Homefront in July, The Miz has been on a roll as a heel. Whether it’s cutting obnoxious promos, hosting his own talk show or getting into vicious arguments with Larry King, he’s been superb.

He even managed to make the long-neglected Intercontinental Championship seem like a genuinely big deal again. Think about it: When was the last time they secondary belt was held in such high self-esteem?

Of course, this also means that Kofi runs the risk of getting upstaged by his more charismatic foe (the two are set to clash again at next week’s Hell in a Cell PPV). This is a valid concern, and it remains to be seen whether Kofi can carry the belt with the same amount of pride and prestige as Miz did.

Another problem is that Kofi may simply have peaked as a midcarder—indeed, he’s had an unremarkable run with the intercontinental belt before and it did nothing whatsoever to elevate him. It would be nice to think every talented up-and-comer could be a main eventer, but, sadly, this isn’t always the case.

For all his improvements in recent weeks, Kofi still comes off as rather average. Even in his first Raw appearance with the belt on Monday—taking on Michael McGillicutty while Miz commented at the announce table—came off as an entirely throwaway segment. On the surface, not much has changed for Kofi: he’s still burdened with a distinct lack of personality and stuck in a midcard role.

Summarily, with his charisma and top-notch mic skills, Miz is as good a person to get Kofi over as anyone, and the two have been enjoyable thus far. However, it remains to be seen whether even he can overcome Kofi’s flaws and make him a top-line star in WWE.