New York Giants Spend Another Week at No. 1 on POP Score List

Jerry Tapp@@StatsonTappSenior Analyst IIIOctober 24, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 21:  Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants hands off to  Ahmad Bradshaw #44 during their game against the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium on October 21, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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For the third straight week, the New York Giants offense scored on half or more of its possessions in a game. Last week in their 27-23 win over the Washington Redskins, the Giants offense had three touchdowns and a pair of field goals in 10 possessions. The G-Men have scored on 18 of 32 possessions in their last three games.

With a POP Score of 2.54, the Giants remain at the top of the POP Score rankings, signifying the league’s most efficient offense. It is the third straight week they have held the top spot.

While the Giants continue with steady play from their offense, another NFC team is starting to make a move up the POP Score rankings. The 2012 Green Bay Packers’ offense is beginning to resemble the offense that led the NFL in scoring last year. After sitting in 25th place in the POP Score rankings after Week 3, the Packers have climbed to 17th, 15th, 10th and this week, seventh place in the rankings.

The Packers offense has scored on 12 of 22 possessions in the last two games, after starting the season scoring on only 18 of 53 possessions. They have scored touchdowns on 13 of their last 36 possessions.

POP Score is based on the simple premise that it is the offensive team’s objective to score a touchdown (or at the least, kick a field goal) in each possession. POP Score stands for Points per Offensive Possession.

 Here’s how it works: The Falcons in Week 1 had nine possessions in their game. On four of the possessions, they scored a touchdown. On four of their possessions they kicked a field goal. They punted once. They scored 24 points on their four TDs (extra points are not included in Pop Score); 12 points on their four field goals.

The Atlanta offense scored 36 points on nine possessions. By dividing the 36 points by the nine possessions, you get a POP Score of 4.0. Maximum POP Score is 6.0, which would indicate that a team scored a touchdown every time they had an offensive possession.

Here’s a look at the POP Score rankings through Week 7.


Team, POP Score, (Season Offensive Scores/Possessions)

1. New York Giants 2.54 (40 scores in 72 possessions)

2. New England 2.28 (38 scores in 79 possessions)

3tie. Atlanta 2.23 (31 scores in 66 possessions)

3tie. New Orleans 2.23 (28 scores in 66 possessions)

5. Pittsburgh 2.21 (28 scores in 57 possessions)

6. Denver 2.11 (25 scores in 61 possessions)

7. Green Bay 2.08 (30 scores in 75 possessions)

8. Houston 2.06 (34 scores in 80 possessions)

9. San Francisco 1.99 (30 scores in 71 possessions)

10. Baltimore 1.89 (30 scores in 73 possessions)

11. San Diego 1.88 (26 scores in 64 possessions)

12. Washington 1.86 (30 scores in 79 possessions)

13tie. Chicago 1.85 (25 scores in 61 possessions)

13tie. Minnesota 1.85 (30 scores in 73 possessions)

15. Tampa Bay 1.82 (25 scores in 66 possessions)

16tie. Cincinnati 1.76 (29 scores in 80 possessions)

16tie. Dallas 1.76 (23 scores in 58 possessions)

18. Buffalo 1.73 (25 scores in 78 possessions)

19. Detroit 1.63 (27 scores in 70 possessions)

20. New York Jets 1.58 (25 scores in 74 possessions)

21. Tennessee 1.54 (24 scores in 74 possessions)

22tie. Indianapolis 1.48 (22 scores in 67 possessions)

22tie. Oakland 1.48 (24 scores in 69 possessions)

22tie. St. Louis 1.48 (26 scores in 71 possessions)

25. Cleveland 1.45 (26 scores in 83 possessions)

26. Miami 1.43 (20 scores in 69 possessions)

27. Seattle 1.39 (23 scores in 70 possessions)

28. Philadelphia 1.37 (21 scores in 68 possessions)

29. Carolina 1.26 (14 scores in 62 possessions)

30. Arizona 1.25 (23 scores in 84 possessions)

31. Kansas City 1.19 (20 scores in 73 possessions)

32. Jacksonville 1.17 (19 scores in 69 possessions)


Biggest gainers this week

Tennessee (up seven spots this week); St. Louis (up four spots this week); Houston (up four spots this week); Green Bay (up three spots this week); Washington (up three spots this week); New Orleans (up three spots this week)


Biggest losers this week 

Seattle (down six spots this week); Detroit (down five spots this week); Chicago (down four spots this week); Cleveland (down three spots this week); Minnesota (down three spots this week).

NFL POP Score league average through Week 7: 1.74


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