The 15 Most Egotistical Figures Currently in the NHL

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The 15 Most Egotistical Figures Currently in the NHL
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Would you expect anyone else as the cover photo?

In sports there is, of course, no "I" in team.

I made the mistake of letting my high-school lacrosse coach know that there was in fact a "me" in team if you moved some letters around. My big mouth cost me an afternoon of practice running laps for about an hour around the field.

It was during my extra conditioning that I came to the realization that what I had said was self-serving and egotistical. I put a good laugh and wisecrack ahead of what the coach had to say. I had diminished his game plan by putting my own agenda first.

Of course my 17-year-old brain took about 15 laps to process this, but I begrudgingly admitted to learning my lesson to the coaching staff at the end of my run.

We're wired as humans to be self-serving, survival-of-the-fittest types. When it comes to collective efforts and reaching team goals, the ego must be kept in check to a certain degree. T

he ability to reach certain levels of achievement is directly related to one's motivation to reach said goal. Whether you are motivated by money, ego, sex, survival or anything else, human beings are driven by a multitude of things that aren't as obvious as you might think.

In professional sports, the NHL is widely regarded as the major sport with the smallest number of egomaniacs.

That said, there are still plenty of gentlemen in the NHL who love to be the center of attention. From players on the ice who love the spotlight (and themselves), to announcers who love the sound of their own voices. Of course we can't forget the agenda-driven suits who currently have the game we love on ice.

Here's my list of the 15 biggest egomaniacs currently in the NHL. Enjoy now!

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