5 Hardcore Celebrities and Their Ideal WWE Tag Team Partners

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5 Hardcore Celebrities and Their Ideal WWE Tag Team Partners

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    While many superstars come to WWE from developmental territories, independent wrestling promotions and even the audience at times, celebrities have also had the chance to shine in the ring.

    Some celebrities, such as David Arquette, have gone on to win championships. Most of these reigns are quite preposterous and absurd, but nonetheless, they happened.

    With the current WWE tag team division on the rise, I have proposed a number of tag teams consisting of one WWE superstar and a celebrity to add to the division.

    The criteria is fairly simple. The teams are ranked according to how successful they would be as a tag team in WWE today and how much they would help the current WWE superstar’s career.

    As per usual, before we get to the list, let's take a look at a couple honorable mentions...

Honorable Mentions

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    David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson

    David Otunga happens to be married to a celebrity—American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson. Even though it would make a believable situation, Hudson would obviously have to be a manager and not a tag team partner. Plus, what would Jennifer Hudson do? Sing really well to distract Otunga’s opponent? This team would not be successful, nor would it do anything for Otunga’s career.

    Heath Slater and 'Wendy'

    Many have made the comparison between Slater and Wendy—from the famous fast food restaurant—based on their looks. Wendy is based on a real person, but she is a fictional character. Therefore, this team could not actually exist. Heath Slater’s career, although a jobber’s life, is entertaining as it is. I am not a fan of 3MB, but I do like Slater and his gimmick on its own.

5. Booker T and Randy Jackson

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    Can you dig it, dawg!?! Current Smackdown general manager Booker T and American Idol judge Randy Jackson would certainly be full of catchphrases if they teamed up to shake up WWE’s tag team division.

    Jackson lost a lot of weight a few years ago, mainly from surgery, so perhaps he can get into shape to compete in a WWE ring.

    Then again, maybe he can’t.

    Jackson would also make a great new advisor to Booker T on Smackdown. Teddy Long is getting old and his character is older than Mae Young, so Booker T could use another gent for his cabinet.

    Expect signs of “Can you dig it, dawg?” (among others) if Booker T and Randy Jackson were ever to get together.

    Whether they get into the ring to wrestle or stay behind the scenes in the general manager’s office, Booker and Randy would certainly make mind-numbing old Smackdown compelling again.

    As a tag team: not successful

    Help Booker’s career: as a wrestler, no! But as a general manager, yes!

4. R-Truth and Flavor Flav

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    The fact that R-Truth and Flavor Flav look like they could be related is the first indication that these two would make a pretty interesting tag team.

    Picture R-Truth and Little Jimmy walking down the aisle along with Flavor Flav screaming “Yeah boy!” Comedy genius. No one would take this team seriously. I wouldn't take this team seriously.

    However, they would be facetious and certainly entertaining. They could even form a comedy stable with Brodus Clay and his dancers along with Santino Marella. The “We Want You to Think These Guys Are Funny” faction.

    Perhaps Flavor Flav and R-Truth could host a new talk show segment. The name of the show would be Flavor of Truth! That could also easily be their tag team name. Great job, Seth!

    Don’t expect either to ever claim to be the tag team champions, though, because they would definitely be a jobber team.

    Either way, WWE likes comedy and Flavor of Truth would certainly deliver in that category.

    As a tag team: somewhat successful

    Help Truth’s career: not so much

3. Wade Barrett and Simon Cowell

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    The British Invasion of Wade Barrett and Simon Cowell may not seem like the most ideal tag team, but hear me out.

    Barrett has been on a tear since returning from injury. He has had some of the best matches on Raw and Smackdown with Sheamus, among others.

    Where does Simon Cowell fit into this?

    Cowell is notorious for his brutally honest feedback to American Idol and X-Factor hopefuls. Could you imagine Simon Cowell telling superstars how he really feels about them? I would be most interested to see Cowell rip apart Santino, Brodus Clay and a handful of other wrestlers.

    Although he may not make a great wrestler, Cowell could be a great mouthpiece/manager for someone like Wade Barrett. Barrett is certainly a great talker himself, but Cowell could play a similar role that Paul Heyman plays for CM Punk. Barrett doesn’t need Simon Cowell, but it would most definitely make him stronger and more hardcore.

    As a tag team: not successful

    Help Barrett’s career: a good amount

2. John Cena and Eminem

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    In order for this tag team to work, John Cena would have to revert to his old rap gimmick of the early 2000s.

    Two white males who used rap to help them rise to superstardom should join forces in WWE. Eminem has won many awards during his music career while Cena has won many championships, making them two very popular and successful people in their respective industries.

    They would instantly be at the top of the tag team division. Although Cena is not likely to revert back to his old rapping gimmick (because all of these scenarios are likely, right?), Eminem should have no problem performing a duet with another superstar in John Cena.

    As a tag team: very successful

    Help Cena’s career: not at all (not needed)

1. Zack Ryder and the Situation

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    Let’s be honest—Zack Ryder’s character is based off of a similar character that you would find on MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore.

    The Long Island/Jersey Shore Broskis could be a legitimate tag team in the WWE since they share very similar gimmicks. Unfortunately, The Situation’s character is not actually a gimmick.

    Although I could have chosen pretty much any male character from Jersey Shore, the Situation’s muscular and aggressive nature made him the most enticing choice to team up with Ryder.

    This pair would be a much better fit than Team CoBro and even Ryder and Hawkins. Team Long Island/Jersey Shore Broskis could even break up at some point to feud with one another in a Long Island versus Jersey Shore showdown.

    Either way, Zack Ryder is still in need of a push, and The Situation would be the most perfect hardcore celebrity to help Ryder’s career.

    As a tag team: very successful

    Help Ryder’s career: a good amount 

    What do you think of my celebrity-wrestler tag team creations? Which WWE superstars and celebrities would you put together for success in the tag team division? Leave your ideas in the comment section below!

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