Packers' Greg Jennings Gets Revenge on James Jones by Taking Tires off Car

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 23, 2012

Photo Credit: Greg Jennings' Twitter
Photo Credit: Greg Jennings' Twitter

Leave it to an NFL player to take a simple prank to an entirely new level. Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings just ripped the tires straight off his teammate's car. 

The folks over at SportsGrid spotted quite the retaliatory measure taken by one receiver on another, and we have to think things have gone a bit too far. 

At the very least, James Jones will need a ride home, so do him a solid if you see him hitchhiking out in Green Bay. 

Here is what Jennings tweeted to the masses as a warning.

This what I do o people who try to prank me. Got Cha James Jones89…

— Greg Jennings (@GregJennings) October 22, 2012


Yes, that is James Jones' Avalanche, missing some necessary wheels. 

I would warn strongly against pranking him in the future, because this guy does not mess around and brings in the heavy artillery when returning favors. 

So what caused the thievery of tires? Be warned that the following has some NSFW images in the form of a penis or two drawn on Jennings own car

Here is what happened just a month prior on Jennings birthday, September 21, via the Twitter feed of the receiver.

Couldn't do anything but laugh!…

— Greg Jennings (@GregJennings) September 22, 2012

Here is the naughty one.

Can't have a birthday without pranks!…

— Greg Jennings (@GregJennings) September 22, 2012

Little did James Jones know that he was opening up a world of hurt that no doubt delivered a frustrating afternoon wherein he had to first find his tires, and then go through the rigmarole of putting them back on. 

The Packers have won two straight and Jones has chipped in seven touchdowns along the way this season, so something tells me feelings are pretty positive around the team. 

But seriously, someone give this guy a lift home. 

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