There Is Only One Ronaldo—The Rest Are Just Cristianos

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2009

Just 26 minutes is all it took.

Coming on in the second half versus rivals Palmeiras, the Corinthian and world superstar, shone brightly.

The stage was set. A Paulista classic in the super Paulista league which has seen the likes of everyone from the legendary Pele, to others like Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Rivaldo, and more recently Robinho and Kaka.

It was Ronaldo's first go at this stage and his short run reminded us of exactly why they call this World Cup record holder—the Phenomenon.

A deft dribble to get things going, subtle, not exactly a Robinho a la Zambrotta, but effective.

Follow this up with a piercing run. He's brought down from behind but the ref isn't having any of it. No ref wants to be called out for helping out the superstar.

Then another short run with a fiery shot. Off the crossbar it goes.

Then a great cross which almost leads to an assistance but the keeper is up to the task.

His second try on goal is a header coming off a corner—and it's in!

He runs to the crowd taking half the team with him and the fans end up braking the fence down such is the mayhem.

Ronaldo also picks up his first booking for that effort.

Later in a Globo talk show the talk comes up that there is only one Ronaldo the rest are only Cristianos.

Ronaldo doesn't comment on this statement but does slip in some words regarding Cristiano: " He chooses to call himself Ronaldo...I think one player does not write off another...every player has their place in the world scene."

So he's back folks. The real Ronaldo has now scored twice in as many matches.