NBA Odds 'N Ends: Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade Are Red Hot

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IMarch 12, 2009

Today I shall focus on some of the recent events in the Association.

After professing my love of Chris Paul, he felt that he needed to return the favor and promptly dropped a triple-double on the Wizards. Thanks CP3, I appreciate it.

The Orlando Magic became the third team in the East to clinch a playoff berth by beating the Chicago Bulls. No word yet on whether or not Dwight Howard has already gone to Disney World to celebrate.

The Utah Jazz had their bonkers 12-game winning streak come to an end in Atlanta last night. However, it's good to have the Jazz back in the middle of the playoff hunt. Don't sleep on this team. They are crazy deep and can play every style of basketball.

Dwyane Wade has quietly moved into the MVP race. He is back to his absurd winning-NBA championships-by-himself form, and I'm glad I can appreciate his season this year because he doesn't have the Big Annoyance turning me off of his team.

One last thought, I would like to congratulate the Detroit Pistons on their brilliant Chauncey Billups-for-Allen Iverson trade. Things like that only happen so often and when you hate a team as much as I hate the Pistons you really have to savor them.

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