Miami Dolphins: What Exactly Is Matt Moore's Trade Value?

Connor McKnightSenior Analyst IOctober 25, 2012

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 16:   Matt Moore #8 of the Miami Dolphins congratulates  Ryan Tannehill #17 after a game against the Oakland Raiders at Sun Life Stadium on September 16, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins had an interesting quarterback battle to start the season.

The incumbent, Matt Moore, finished off the season in style for a Dolphins team that had its fair share of struggles. The veteran, David Garrard, seemed poised to earn himself a starting job in the NFL again. And the rookie, Ryan Tannehill, was the dark horse and the quarterback of the future that did not have a substantial amount of hype at the beginning.

Turns out, that dark horse was actually a knight in shining armor.

Garrard suffered an injury and was cut from the Dolphins. Moore was once again relegated to backup quarterback.

Let the record reflect that Moore has actually been quite successful in the NFL. He is relatively composed in the pocket, and although he won't torch a secondary for 400 yards, he is a leader on the field and can take the squad to victory, hence being last year's MVP.

But there's talk that he could be on the move before the trade deadline. Pat Devlin, a quarterback out of Delaware, proved that he would be a more than capable backup in his second year in the NFL.

So, what is Moore's trade value?

For a team like the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback is a pressing need, so Moore would be a realistic and solid option to pursue. But for most of the teams in the NFL, which seem relatively comfortable with their starting quarterbacks, his value does not remain that high.

So for the Dolphins, who want to accumulate as many draft picks as possible as they try to build a championship-caliber squad, Moore should presumably only be traded if they are able to receive a reasonable offer for him. Particularly in light of his leadership.

For a young starting quarterback, a veteran backup is a crucial element to the rookie's maturation. And considering Tannehill's success, it is almost certain that Moore is serving as an inspirational and knowledgeable mentor.

So if the bait is worthwhile, the Dolphins should bite the hook. But Moore definitely still has value for this Dolphins squad, especially if Tannehill ever got hurt. Moore is a natural leader, and that goes a long way for a young offense.