Christian, Christian! : At Last He's On His Own!

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

One of the most rumored, anticipated returns to the WWE roster. Christian is back, but to what end?

I have been away for a bit, so I don't know what others have been writing on this subject.

I love this guy! He has the nickname Captain Charisma for a reason. He is the Instant Classic, for a reason. TNA seemed to have seen something in Christian, that the staff at WWE, apparently, does not.

I was thrilled to simply see his return, it was off-putting however, when it was on ECW. I thought, "at least he'll come in and grab the (not so coveted) ECW title," right? but not only did he lose his title match, but it was fair and square! Swagger simply out-wrestled Christian!

This beginning to a comeback has been less than impressive. I was hoping Christian would at least win the ladder qualifier, to be seen at Wrestle Mania 25! Obviously, it would be preferable (in my mind) to see him take the match, but the way things have been going...

I simply do not see that push that I feel he deserves. Why come from TNA, where he is a baller, to WWE, as a flunkee? The money must be much better in the WWE, but I really hope the WWE does not keep him below Mike Knox level.