Norwich City: 5 Things That Would Be Needed for the Canaries to Win EPL

James Kent@jimlk2007Contributor IIIOctober 22, 2012

Norwich City: 5 Things That Would Be Needed for the Canaries to Win EPL

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    I think everyone connected with Norwich City football club would be delighted just to stay in the Premier League this season. But what is the point in living if we can't dream? Today I am considering the possibility of the Canaries winning the Premier League.

    It is obvious that some mighty unlikely things would have to happen for this to actually occur. It is also worth saying that this is easier to write without taking Financial Fair Play rules into account, so please keep that in mind while reading. 

Norwich Would Need a Billionaire Investor

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    It would be nice to think that a team could be created with modest funds that can win the Premier League, and some years ago that might have been possible. However, there is now so much money in the English game that only the richest clubs can compete at the top end.

    Norwich would need to recruit a billionaire to invest in the team, stadium and infrastructure. However, they would need to ensure he would have the best interests of the club at heart and the drive to bring success.

Appoint a World-Class Manager

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    Maybe Sir Alex Ferguson has had enough of Manchester United and is now in need of a new challenge. I have a lot of time for Chris Hughton for the position Norwich find themselves in. However, if the Canaries were competing at that level, then they would need a manager that has experience of that.

Buy a Household Name

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    There is no doubt that Norwich would have to invest heavily in the squad, but they would also need to sign a player with a reputation as being one of the best in the world. This would be the sort of player that Norwich could build the team around.

    However, we know from experience that they may find it difficult to convince them to sign, so they may not be able to sign a top, top player. But they would still need a player that is good enough to put Norwich City firmly back on the map. 

Dominate an Overseas Market

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    We have seen the importance of Premier League clubs opening up opportunities in foreign markets. This has resulted in extra streams of income through merchandising and players from Asian countries. Norwich would need to attract a foreign sponsor and generate interest in the club from abroad.

    Asia is obviously an important market to target, because it is growing so quickly and there are so many potential football fans. 

Build a New Stadium

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    I know a lot of Norwich City fans wouldn't be keen on this option, but they might get over it in the event that the team won the Premier League. We have seen how important it has been for Arsenal to invest in their new stadium and how it allows the club to consistently make significant profits. 

    A 60,000 capacity venue in Norwich is an interesting idea, I think it would be full, because a lot of new fans would suddenly appear wanting to see a successful team. The money generated may be vital when the Financial Fair Play rules swing into full force.

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