Rumor Mill: March 12

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2009

Welcome to another update on the Rumor Mill.


WWE will return to New York City with a Smackdown-ECW taping on Tuesday, April, 28.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at

The announced main event for the show features WWE champion Triple H and Jeff, Hardy and John Cena versus Randy Orton and World champion Edge and Matt Hardy.

Naturally this match could change due to the draft

Battle of the Brands

Booker T plans to hold a wrestling fan fest on the same weekend as WrestleMania, with his event scheduled to take place on April 3.

How much talent can he lure away?

Could Lita be there instead of at the 25 Diva Battle Royal at WM25?

Throw another log on that fire!


John Cena has landed the cover of men's Fitness this month and Cena addresses the rumors of him using steroids.

"Train with me for just a week and you'll see that I'm the guy who drives 250 miles between shows but will be at the gym tomorrow at 10 a.m. when most people are still sleeping in," Cena said in response to rumors of steroid use. "I'm the guy who'll fly to Australia, find a gym, fly back and the first thing I do off the plane is work out, before I even shower or eat. I've made a living out of working hard.”

Great video clip of Cena training:

Speaking of Cena, although, he is engaged, while he appeared on Univision's Despierta America the other day he let the ladies know that he is "always looking."

JBL going out with a bang!

WWE Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, 42, has been telling people backstage that he will likely be retiring from the ring by May.

His back problems that caused him to originally retire in 2006 have resurfaced and his retirement from WWE appears imminent. Layfield is not listed in the May house show bookings that have been released.

Lets hope he stays retired this time, if he goes back to commentating some one really needs to chain him to that desk.

Evan Bourne will be returning from his injury next week. What a shame he wasn't back in time to qualify for MITB match.

Speaking of the MITB match, did you know that that at one point they were considering allowing The Great Khali to try and qualify?

Oh Come on!

Would this guy even need the damn ladder?


Bret Hart Interview:

The Hart Foundation, Vince McMahon, alcohol and a strip club—sounds like a recipe for a riot, but to legendary "Hitman" Bret Hart, this combination led to one of the craziest off-camera moments in what Hart calls the "cartoon world" of professional wrestling.

I never thought Vince could be any more obnoxious then he already is.

Time to air out the dirty laundry air.

Full article here:

Speaking of legends, I am officially putting forth my choice  to be inducted in to the HOF  Franky  the parrot.


The bird has personality.


After his brief appearance on RAW, the question on every ones lips is, will Flair face Jericho or is this yet another smokescreen that Vince has put up?

Honesty with all these Red Herrings that Vince is throwing around, I am seriously thinking of taking up fishing.

I still stand by what I said before: “It would be an insult to Jericho to wrestle anyone but Austin at WM25.”

And what happened to the honor thing Flair?

Legacy growing.

In an interview with the Between the Ropes radio show last night, WWE developmental wrestler DH Smith admitted he'd like to be part of Randy Orton's Legacy faction.

Now, that is interesting, I hope all those ego can some how coexist.

Well that' about covers it for now.

Stay tuned for more gossip and rumors.


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