Where Bobby Labonte Was and Where He'll Be Again

Angela WolfContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Nobody really knows what went wrong in those winless last years we've been following Bobby Labonte. We all know where we would like to see him. Winner's Circle would be the place he would most likely want to be. Strange, but would he remember what it feels like because it's been so long?

You have to ask yourself how one could forget beating out the late, great Dale Earnhardt Sr. for the championship in 2000. How about the big win at Talladega against Tony Stewart in the former Busch series in 2007? Believe me, he remembers those days like they were yesterday. Just look at his stats in the past and you will see why he is a past Champion.

Labonte has had many big wins in his career but he is hungry for more. You can't help but cheer this guy on. After all, he is—or shall I say was?—a very loyal driver to Petty Enterprises.

Where did this get him? Let's just say maybe he needed to lose that Childress ride and leave Petty to get to where he needs to be now. Many people believe things happen for a reason. Joe Gibbs Racing? Well, as my mother would say: "It served its purpose."

He has that big grin on his face now and, with his positive thinking and championship drving ability, he is due for a win, and don't count him out for the championship.

Can you tell I'm a fan?