Pro Wrestling: 10 of the Best Wrestlers to Wear a Mask

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Pro Wrestling: 10 of the Best Wrestlers to Wear a Mask
Sin Cara is seen as the heir apparent to Rey Mysterio in WWE. Currently, he and Mysterio are a tag team. (B/R photo)

In wrestling, a mask serves a couple of purposes.

It offers a sense of mystery about the competitor. It hides the emotion in the competitor’s face, much like a poker player who wears sunglasses so his or her reaction to the hand is concealed from the rest of the table.

In Japan and Mexico, the mask holds a great place of reverence in wrestling. In Mexico, luchadores are national heroes. In Japan, the mask often symbolizes the spirit of the animal that the wrestler is channeling.

Since the Masked Marvel debuted back in 1915, masks have changed. Early ones were quite plain and were seen only as a face cover. Today, many are quite colorful and extremely popular. Look around the audience at a WWE show and count the number of children donning Rey Mysterio masks.

With that in mind, let’s look at 10 of the best wrestlers (WWE and other organizations) to wear masks.

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