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So which is he? The greatest driver of all time, or the most hyped? Does he deserve the media attention he gets for accomplishing nothing, or is he worthy of it? Should he have won a championship by now, or not? I think these questions about Kyle Busch need to be answered!! And Soon!! I mean, who did you think I was talking about.. Dale Jr? Negative. You see, Dale Jr has won the Daytona 500. He has 2 Busch series Championships too his credit. He deserves the attention he gets. He has represented the sport well over the last 10 years. He has honored those who have come before him. He has helped shaped NASCAR into a national sport worthy of the media attention it gets today. On the other hand, what has Kyle Busch really done? What makes him so worthy to be the "most talented" driver in the sport today? He shows no respect for the fans or his peers. He has no championships in any upper NASCAR series. He has never finished better than 5th in Sprint Cup points. So for now, the one we call "Rowdy", should go by a name that suits him better as to where he is in his career. A champion with no championships....The "greatest" driver of all time. Ladies and Gentleman. I give you.... Kyle "PEON" Busch.

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