Why Zack Ryder Would Be a Bigger Star If He Left WWE Tomorrow

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2012

Photo courtesy of @ZackRyder on Twitter
Photo courtesy of @ZackRyder on Twitter

Zack Ryder should save himself and get out of WWE.

I enjoy Ryder's work. I think he's talented. WWE is the top place to be in the pro wrestling/sports entertainment genre.

Wanted to get that out of the way to avoid any ridiculous comments stating that I don't think he has talent or that WWE is the top company.

Ryder's been in WWE, he's worked his butt off and nearly created his brand on his own. Now, he should run and save it all.

When WWE took over his YouTube show, it took away the identity of his show. What made his show special was that he was a WWE talent who was voicing his opinions, some critical of WWE, on his own independent show.

WWE taking over his show would be like the White House purchasing the Executive Producer of content title for Fox News or CNN. What makes the networks entertaining would be gone. Their whipping boy is now their boss.

Somebody important in WWE has to not like Ryder.

I say this because that somebody important was smart in their dealing with a talent who it seemed they didn't think much of. WWE capitalized on Ryder's popularity at the height of it. They established his character via merchandise and then removed him as soon as they could.

Ryder won the U.S. Title in December of 2011. This increased his stock, got people buying the merchandise. They then took over his YouTube show, took him out of relevance for weekly storylines.

Ryder is now the prostitute and WWE is the pimp. They let him be a character for YouTube and merchandise purposes. They will get every dollar they can from those mediums out of Ryder and then that will be it.

The rumor is the YouTube show might be ending soon. I consider this the true beginning of the end for him.

Ryder should escape on a life raft now before WWE controls the memory of his legend. He should go out on his terms.

I don't know when his current contract expires. He'd either have to wait for that or request his release. I doubt WWE would initially grant his release because he is making the money standing on the proverbial street corner that the WWE Universe travels. Maybe he goes rogue and forces WWE's hand to get his release.

Ryder has a chance to be a bigger star in a certain context without WWE. Doesn't matter what its called, he goes back to a YouTube show, but does it on his terms. Imagine what he could do, say or reveal without the stipulation of WWE's control or his personal hope to get a promotion in the company.

A show with that kind of entertainment and potential news value is something he could get relative money for from a sponsor of some sort.

He will be able to command a couple grand on the independent wrestling scene for a better part of the first year he's out on the market.

He's been on the main roster since 2007. He lives in an apartment with a roommate who we came to know, courtesy of his show. He drinks Bud Light Lime cans. I can't imagine he is struggling to financially sustain his lifestyle.

He's 27, he has potential to do more and build off of what he's created. I don't have to try hard to picture him taking a path like Chris Jericho. Game show host, radio show host. Ryder has different appeal and activities than Jericho does, but he does have the charisma to pull some type of mainstream venture off.

Who knows, he might even be able to make himself more desirable out on his own which results in him being brought back to WWE with more leverage. I wouldn't count on it, but stranger things have happened.

WWE more than likely owns the name Ryder and I would imagine they own the name of his show. I'm sure he can bill himself as some variation of his gimmick depending on what else they own.

Do it now, profit off it. Everyday that goes by in WWE the way things are now for him, is another day he is a little less cool. Woo Woo Woo Get Out Now!