The Five Cities That Need an NFL Team and theTeams to Move

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The Five Cities That Need an NFL Team and theTeams to Move

The NFL is a business. Its goal is not to entertain, it is to make money.

So why do some cities have multiple teams while some of the biggest cities in America don't have one?

This is a problem, any way you look at it. If I was an owner of an NFL team I would love to move my team to any of these locations.

Although it is great that some small market locations have teams, it is not economically sound or smart. 

The teams that should be moved are as follows:


Jacksonville Jaguars

They are a franchise that does not get the love they deserve nor the respect, and there are three teams in the state of Florida. The state is not big enough for three teams.


Oakland Raiders

It had to be the Raiders or the 49ers. The 49ers have a few more Super Bowls, so the Raiders are on the move. This is a team that needs a jump-start and moving out of Oakland would provide the necessary boost it needs to be taken seriously again. 


New York Jets

It is true they have history, but who, in all honesty, doesn't? That is the only argument to keep them there. They share a stadium with a team, which implies that they are not meeting their potential. They need to get their own stadium and city. 


Minnesota Vikings

They want a new stadium and the city is not willing. They need to look for a serious market so that they not only get a real stadium but also some real income. The Vikings will more than likely make the playoffs for the next few years, which means a location change here would be a good time. 


San Diego Chargers

They like the Vikings need a new stadium and the city is not willing to give them one. Although the Chargers are in a relatively big market they can always go bigger. The Chargers also do not have an identity, and they need to establish one by moving to a different city. 


Now that you know who should be on the move, let's go over the locations that deserve NFL franchises.


Los Angeles, California

This is one of the biggest markets in the world and it does not have an NFL franchise. They are building a brand new $800 million stadium so they can accommodate the franchise. Not only that, the city would embrace any team in a big way. Then you have to consider the heritage that is Los Angeles. 


Las Vegas, Nevada

Like L.A., this is an enormous market. Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world. Vegas, unlike L.A., does not have professional franchises in any sport. That means any pro team in Vegas would receive all of the publicity. The team does not even need to win, the fact that it is another venue in Vegas is enough for this city.


Portland, Oregon

They are not the biggest market, but they show that they can support a franchise. Getting an NFL team would not only help Oregon itself but would help the growth of the NFL. It would a help move NFL out west and start the process of balancing east to west.


Salt Lake City, Utah

This is an underrated market. They have supported the Jazz for some time. The Jazz have one of the loudest crowds in the NBA. They also have an enormous amount of tourism. Then there is the fact that they would more then likely be a stable place for a team for many years to come.


Little Rock, Arkansas

This is another small market that can be looking for a team. They produce a good number of pros. This may be college country, but I think an NFL team could survive and thrive. The fact that they support the Hogs like they do makes me believe they can support an NFL team. 


Obviously some of these cities deserve NFL teams more then others but the truth is all of them do. They all have qualities that one would want in a city and can support professional teams.

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