Jeff Van Gundy and Russell Westbrook Team Up for Hilarious ESPN Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 22, 2012

The NBA on ESPN has a new commercial that aims to sweep you into the new season on a pleasant wave of laughter. 

The regular season is so close, you can almost see the ludicrous antics that will soon take place at post-game interviews and press conferences. Among the wild assertions and obvious answers, there will be a great deal of swagger being thrown in the faces of reporters and fans tuning in. 

Some of the most audacious gear worn in the past year were spectacles without lenses—simple rims being worn, and worn quite seriously. 

Here we have Jeff Van Gundy trying to get in some late-night reading while traveling in a bunk bed with Mike Breen. A big problem arises when Van Gundy finds out that his glasses are without lenses.

The old switcheroo gets their driver, Russell Westbrook, a tad off course. 

JVG's prescription must be quite severe, because the camper is plowing through a corn field as an unaffected Westbrook keeps his foot on the gas. 

All of this just makes me crave the NBA even more.

Finally, we will get back to hardcourt action and also get some silly swagger to scoff at after the games. Glasses without lenses—what will they think of next?

Tune into the new season to find out.