Yao Ming Swings and Misses in Golf Pro-Am, Hearts Around World Warmed

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As if you needed any more proof that Yao Ming was the most adorable former NBA player to ever exist, here he is trying to play golf. 

Altogether now, "Awwwwww."

Thanks to BuzzFeed, we have one of the best moments from the recent Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am at Haikou, China. 

Here he is stepping up for a chip shot, something that is far from easy to hit perfectly, but fairly easy to actually hit. 

The former Houston Rockets star takes a nice gentle swing and produces a giant miss, warming the hearts of every last golfer who has done the same out at the local municipal. 

Actually, the man misses with so much confidence, he comes away from it better than any of us have in similar golf gaffes. 

He then chucks the next attempt close to the hole like he meant to do it all the time, and the day is a little brighter. 

We simply have to get Yao and Charles Barkley in the same golf pairing at the next Pro-Am. With Chuck's horrible yips and Yao Ming's ridiculous swing, golf gold would be made on the links. 

This all just proves the NBA legend can't do anything without winning, even when he fails big time. 

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