Debate: Should Arizona Give Vince Young a Shot at QB?

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Debate: Should Arizona Give Vince Young a Shot at QB?
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Reports on Sunday said the Cardinals were planning on working out Vince Young with Kevin Kolb injured. Those rumors have been denied, but should Arizona give Young a chance at QB?


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I was an extreme vocal proponent of going after Young when we were looking for a QB. Apparently we signed Kolb in an effort to keep Fitz happy. I have...
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The problem is not the quarterback(s). The problem is the offensive line. Five sacks per game is a shocking number. It is inexcusable that nothing has...
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No. Don't see how that help any. Arizona runs one of the most complicated Offense in the NFL that took Warner over a year to learn. Vince Young would ...
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Vince Young can't hurt the Cardinals QB situation right now. I think he would do good, you just have to put him in the right system, and I think Arizo...
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I'm going to probably be one of the only fans who says this but yes, and here's why: Considering the fact that they have had both Kolb AND Skelton go...
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There's absolutely no harm in having Vince in for a look. Worst case scenario, he isn't what we're looking for, and it wastes an afternoon for us and ...
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