Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Need to Re-Sign Zack Greinke

Paul Francis SullivanChief Writer IOctober 22, 2012

ANAHEIM, CA - SEPTEMBER 25:  Zack Greinke #23 of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitches against the Seattle Mariners at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on September 25, 2012 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim must be tortured watching the postseason this year. The Detroit Tigers, after winning fewer games than the Angels in 2012, are going to the World Series.

The postseason featured vulnerable Texas Rangers and New York Yankees teams and young teams from Oakland and Baltimore that overachieved just to get to October.

If the Angels had made it to the postseason, they might be the ones waiting for the outcome of the St. Louis and San Francisco series (when the Angels won the 2002 pennant, they also waited for the Giants and Cardinals to finish the NLCS).

But the Angels should not overreact to falling just short. In fact, they should not make many changes. Their offseason priority should be to retain starter Zack Greinke.

Torii Hunter is probably going to go elsewhere and, according to Chris Cwik of CBSSports.com, the Angels are likely to buy out the options to Dan Haren and Ervin Santana. With Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson, the team has a solid top two spots in their rotation.

Young Garrett Richards could help fill out the back end of the rotation. Nick Maronde pitched well out of the bullpen for the big league club and could fight for a rotation spot.

But having Greinke for the whole season could be the keystone for the Angels. He would give the Angels depth in the rotation and complement a lineup that will combine Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales all season.

Of course Greinke will probably be the most sought-after free agent in baseball, so winning the bidding war for him will not be easy. The Yankees will no doubt offer a fortune, as will the Mets and Red Sox.

But before signing with a big-market club, Greinke should think about what playing in those markets means. Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote in 2011 about Greinke's uneasiness with the media in Kansas City and Milwaukee. The man who said "I don't like talking bad about fans, but they annoy me a lot of times."

Think they are on you a lot in Kansas City? Imagine having to be the pitcher who saves the Yankees.

Re-signing with the Angels gives Greinke the advantages of playing for a competitive team where he does not have to be the No. 1 starter nor deal with the big-city media scrutiny.

Yes, Los Angeles is a big market, but the Angels play out in Orange County. Besides, Los Angeles is a Lakers town.

Greinke and the Angels are a perfect fit for 2013. The sooner both sides realize that, the better they both will be.