LA Lakers Prank New Guy Dwight Howard, Hilarity and Dissappointment Ensue

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Oh, you guys!

Those rapscallions wearing Lakers uniforms pulled a fast one on the new guy, Dwight Howard.

Consider this an icing that usually occurs during baseball games when players ignore someone for dropping a home run, only to come back to the dugout greeted by nothing. 

You leave the man hanging only to douse him with love after, and that's precisely what happened at the Lakers' sixth preseason game on Sunday night. 

Howard runs out onto the floor (h/t Larry Brown Sports), his first game suited up to play for the Lakers. He was all smiles until he turns to find that he is the only player around. 

Oh, you guys are so silly. 

And then the smiles devolved into another loss for the star-studded purple and gold, making the preseason an odd time where hope and worry live comfortably next to one another. 

This will come with great annoyance for those who already loathe the LA team and can't wait to see them fall flat after the start of the season. 

For Lakers fans, this may be a sign of good things to come. Sure the team is 0-6, but Howard dropped 19 points on 8-for-12 shooting and had 12 rebounds and four blocks. 

Oh, he also got dunked on

The over-the-top silliness that greets every Lakers season has now begun. 

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