Montreal Canadiens: Halak Not Happy To Be On The Bench

Dany LemieuxContributor IMarch 12, 2009

According to a source close to the Montreal Canadiens, goaltender Jaroslav Halak was very vocal in expressing his feelings towards the decision to play Carey Price instead of him against the Edmonton Oilers.

Halak, who was simply on fire before being sidelined by a bad flu, was very upset to be left on the bench after winning four straight games while maintaining a 1.99 goals against average and a .952 save percentage.

Looking at this, how can Bob Gainey go with Carey Price between the pipes instead of Halak?

I don't understand this at all, but there might me a simple explanation to this.

Last season, when Gainey traded Cristobal Huet to the Washington Capitals, he was at that time Carbonneau's man.

Jaroslav Halak was promoted to backup Price and well proved in the last two weeks that he deserved to be the No. 1 guy in Montreal. Halak became Carbonneau's man.

See a trend here, Huet gets traded, Halak gets benched and Carbonneau is fired. Carey Price was Bob Gainey's man from the start and Price was not Carboneau's guy.

Guy Carbonneau is well known for saying what he thinks, and saying it without wearing white gloves!

He is a straight shooter, so maybe he said what he thought of his goaltending situation to the wrong person.

Regardless of that, it is obvious that Jaroslav Halak has a right to be angry and unhappy about his situation, one that is unfair. When are we going to see Halak back between the pipes? 

Only Bob knows.