Washington Nationals News: From Flopez to Flop Made EZ

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2008

Felipe Lopez (.308/.352/.660) the over-priced Bowden pick up from his beloved Reds is officially a Flop. That is flop with a capital “F”!He has probably lost his starting position and may be replaced by Ron Belliard at 2B.When told that he may have to sit the $4.9M a year weenie had this to say.

“Bench?” López said Tuesday. “No. I already said that. No. Hell, no.”

Belliard, speaking diagonally across the same cramped locker room from López, countered with: “I’m not going to get upset. Whatever they decide is good with me.”

Good Ron. Ron who is the better hitter (.332/.427/.759) is toiling at the relatively meager price of $3.5M over two years, has been hot in Grapefruit League play hitting with power and a .400+ batting average. His defense has not been great but then neither has Flop’s.Yes I realize the Nats middle infield will be made up by often injured Cristian Guzman and a replacement level 2B in Ronny B.I hear food is gonna be good in the new Ballyard. It had better be… link