Ryan Lochte Picks Auburn to Win LSU vs. Texas A&M Game in Awkward ESPN Cameo

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 22, 2012

The tree that is Ryan Lochte continues to bear fruit, even as we traipse into autumn. 

There must be someone we can thank for all the good times this man has given us, because the king of interviews and the lord of all acting ability just managed to rule the day when it comes to college game prognosticating. 

This video (h/t Big Lead Sports) features America's second favorite swimmer talking to the ESPN College GameDay crew and being asked to make a pick in the upcoming game. 

It's a softball question that anyone would pass by simply making a pick and pleasing roughly half the viewers at home. 

Lochte really must love the Auburn contingent because he goes with the Tigers even though they don't feature too heavily in the LSU and Texas A&M game. 

In fact, Auburn had their hands full on Saturday, losing to Vanderbilt, 17-13. 

Of course, Lochte was merely reading off the wrong notes and failed to hear the game the crew was talking about. 

I'm glad he decided to go off script like a true champ and pick the winner of the wrong game. 

It invigorated what would have normally been a forgettable exchange. Instead, it goes into the Lochte museum of awesome moments, a place that is getting quite full. 

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