Gooners Dare To Dream: Part II

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

Yesterday I suggested that Arsenal might just shock a few and actually win not only the FA Cup but the Champions' League. And some thought I was heading for the looney bin...

I said of Arsenal beats Roma their season already picking some late steam might just spectacularly salvage their season. I suggested that getting past Roma might push Arsenal to believe that there's a lot still to play and in all honesty that's true.

A couple of things validates this theory. Diaby was colossal in the midfield and as usual Denilson mopped the play as he usually does. With Diaby playing like he did and Cesc coming back a healthy dose of competition is emerging, meaning players are on their toes and therefore push performances upwards.

It's not that they won last night, but the manner in which they won. It's that against so many odds stacked against them they managed to keep the belief, maintain their cool, utterly convinced that they will go through.

This team is young, this team is developing and not to beat up a subject dead, arsenal are turning into something beautifully scary. They are winning beautifully and when necessary winning ugly like last night. This is the hallmark of good teams.

So yes, arsenal will win the champions' league, capture the FA Cup and making a dashing attempt of the championship and Arsenal will be declared a miracle worker and suddenly no one wants to leave.