WWE: 5 Things to Look out for on Tonight's Monday Night Raw 10/22

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIOctober 22, 2012

WWE: 5 Things to Look out for on Tonight's Monday Night Raw 10/22

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    Another Monday Night Raw is here again. In the last week, we have learned CM Punk's opponent at Hell in a Cell, we have a new Intercontinental Champion and we got fed some more interesting rumors.

    As we get a week closer to the Hell in a Cell event, there are some things that still need to build up to make it a success.

    As we get ready for tonight's Raw, here are five things to look out for when you watch tonight.

Will John Cena Still Be Involved

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    Since his injury, John Cena has been heavily involved in the WWE Championship picture. Despite being unable to compete, Cena was still considered a potential contender for the WWE Championship at the Hell in a Cell event.

    Last week it was announced that CM Punk will face Ryback at Hell in a Cell. This leaves Cena out of the match... Or does it?

    There is a good chance that Cena will be involved in this match in some way. He could even be the special guest referee.

    We could find out the role Cena will end up playing tonight on Raw. 

Can Kofi Kingston Keep the Intercontinental Championship Relevant?

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    Kofi Kingston has been a staple in the mid-card of the WWE over the last few years. He has helped give the WWE roster depth.

    Lately, Kingston is partially responsible for the reemerging tag team division in the WWE. Whether his partner was Evan Bourne or R-Truth, Kingston has made people excited about that division.

    He has recently been in a solid feud with The Miz. This has led Kingston to winning the Intercontinental Championship.

    Two things that have helped make the Intercontinental Championship relevant again are the long title reigns and the legitimate champions.

    Kingston is a well-deserved champion and could be in store for a long title run of his own. Kingston needs to have several successful title defenses to help keep the belt relevant.

    Will Kingston's first title defense come tonight?

Can Randy Orton Regain Momentum

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    Before being drafted to Raw two years ago, Randy Orton was at the top of the company. He is only 32-years-old but has been with the company for over 10 years.

    Orton has been a top heel and a top face. He currently is a face and will challenge Alberto Del Rio at the Hell in the Cell event.

    However, over the last year or so, Orton has struggled to stay healthy and stay atop the company. He has slipped into an irrelevant position and is climbing his way out of it.

    A win over Alberto Del Rio could put him in a position to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship soon. 

    With 12 Rounds: Reloaded—sequel to John Cena's 12 Round's—finished, Orton could focus 100 percent on becoming a top superstar in the WWE again.

Finals of the Tag Team Tournament

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    The finals for the tag team tournament will take place this week. The match is Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow).

    The winner of this match will challenge Kane and Daniel Bryan for the Tag Team Championship. It will be interesting to see whether the WWE wants to make Kane and Bryan a heel team or a face team. 

    You would think if Cara and Mysterio win, team Hell No will be seen as a heel team. If Rhodes Scholars wins, team Hell No could be seen as a face team.

Will CM Punk Get Some Revenge?

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    After the announcement that CM Punk will face Ryback at Hell in a Cell, Ryback sent a message to Punk and the WWE when he attacked the WWE Champion.

    This is a big opportunity for Ryback who has climbed all the way up into the WWE Championship picture in a very short amount of time.

    It will be interesting to see what Punk has to say and what he is going to do, after he was "disrespected" by Ryback at the contract signing last week.

    Can CM Punk get some revenge and some momentum this week?