10 College Football Teams Who Will Be Happy to See the BCS Go

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 22, 2012

10 College Football Teams Who Will Be Happy to See the BCS Go

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    If you are one of those fans that are upset with the latest BCS rankings, there is good news coming your way in 2014. Even if you are satisfied with the latest poll, there is a good chance you are one of many that can't stand the format that has determined a college football champion since the 1998 season.

    The truth is that the BCS was a broken system before it got started and was sure to upset the entire college football landscape. But with a college football playoff ready to kick off after the 2013 season, we will soon have a proper way of doing things. Some teams will benefit from the new format more than others, but it should end up giving every team a chance to compete for a national championship.

    Here are 10 teams that will be happier than most that a college football playoff will remove the BCS in a couple of years.

Florida State

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    BCS Success: Six BCS bowl games, 1-5 record, but one victory was a national championship back in 1999.

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: As you can see, Florida State has had success of at least reaching the BCS bowl games and many teams would kill just to appear in a big game. But the Seminoles are growing very impatient as the program hasn't accomplished much since the end of the 2005 season, which was the last time Florida State qualified for a BCS game.

    Having a playoff would give this program a better chance of winning a national championship and getting back into the national spotlight.


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    BCS Success: Eight BCS bowl games, 3-5 record and one national championship

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: Oklahoma is a program that will continue to recruit well and be considered a national championship contender each and every year. The four national championship appearances by the Sooners in BCS history is actually the most of any other program.

    Even with Oklahoma struggling to fulfill expectations as of late, a one-loss Oklahoma club should be good enough to make it to the playoffs and give this team an opportunity.

Ohio State

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    BCS Success: Nine BCS bowl games, 6-3 record and one national championship victory

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: If it wasn't for a bowl ban this season, the Ohio State Buckeyes would be competing for a national championship appearance this year. The program has reached nine BCS bowl games, which is the most of any other in the history of the BCS.

    As long as Urban Meyer continues to coach this team and brings in talented recruits, Ohio State will soon return to a national powerhouse and begin racking up playoff appearances.

Notre Dame

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    BCS Success: Three BCS bowl games and a 0-3 record

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: As you can see this season, as long as this program is winning, the Irish have as much of a chance to qualify as any other. The polls absolutely love Notre Dame and would enjoy nothing more than to see it competing for its first national championship since 1988.

    It appears that head coach Brian Kelly has finally figured things out in South Bend and greater things are soon to come for the Irish. Overall, a playoff format should benefit this program greatly as long as the team can continue to take care of business on the football field.

Boise State

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    BCS Success: Two BCS bowl games and a 2-0 record

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: Despite running the table back in 2006, Boise State had to settle for the BCS Fiesta Bowl. The same thing also happened to the Broncos back in 2009 when they were swept under the rug despite finishing the season undefeated. I'm not sure there has been any other team that has suffered the most in this BCS format.

    Boise State remains that underdog that everybody loves, but was never ready to put into the national title conversation. A playoff format should help solve some of these issues for the Broncos and other teams like them moving forward.


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    BCS Success: Four BCS bowl games, 2-2 record and two national championships

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: With the success that Alabama has had recently in the BCS, you would think that the Crimson Tide would prefer things to remain the way they are. But the bottom line is that this program will remain in the title conversation regardless of what format is installed to determine a national champion.

    Alabama is currently the top team in the country and has been ranked the top team twice in the last three years. The Crimson Tide isn’t going anywhere once the playoff is introduced to the college football world.

Oklahoma State

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    BCS Success: One BCS bowl game and a 1-0 record

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: Head coach Mike Gundy is slowly turning this Oklahoma State program into a national championship contender, but even his great teams have been turned down in the BCS. Not only was his 10-2 club back in 2010 denied a big game, but last season’s 11-1 team was turned down for the Alabama Crimson Tide to appear in the national championship.

    The Cowboys will continue to be one of the better teams in the Big 12 and likely won't get snubbed again if the success under Coach Gundy continues.


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    BCS Success: Four BCS bowl games and a 2-2 record

    Why Team Will Love the Playoffs: You could really put either USC or Oregon in this slide, but the Trojans have had much more success under the BCS format. Regardless, both the Ducks and Trojans are two of the top programs in the country and don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

    But with both teams in the same conference, the likelihood of both having a shot at a national title under the BCS is highly unlikely. With four teams being selected for a playoff system, it opens up the idea of getting both programs in the championship hunt.

Every Big East Program

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    BCS Success: 14 BCS bowl appearances and a 7-7 record

    Why Conference Will Love the Playoffs: There are currently two undefeated teams in the BCS Top 25. How many will sniff a national championship berth? The answer would be zero. Due to a weak schedule and the lack of belief in the Big East, an undefeated team in this conference only receives a pat on the back these days. Even an undefeated Cincinnati club was snubbed back in 2009 for both Alabama and Texas.

    However, an undefeated team is still a team that hasn't suffered a loss all season. With a playoff format in place, it does give those Big East programs a chance in the future to compete for a title.  

The Entire SEC

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    BCS Success: 23 BCS bowl appearances, 16-7 record and eight national championships

    Why Conference Will Love the Playoffs: While many fans are hoping that a playoff system makes things tougher for the SEC, it actually only opens up the chances of more SEC teams competing for a national championship. This of course means more money and more possible dominance for the conference that has already won the past six national titles.

    It will also shut up all of those critics that say the SEC hasn't really earned its national championship.