What Can BYU Gain from the Mountain West Tournament?

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

With the conference tournament really starting today, it merits a few moments to consider what BYU stands to lose, and in turn gain, in the tournament.

In short, I really don’t think the outcome of the tournament will have a tremendous impact on BYU in terms of the NCAA tournament. Of course losing to Air Force in the first round would not be a good thing, but how likely is that to happen?

Beyond a first round loss, there really is not much damage to be done. Losing to San Diego State would not be a huge upset, nor would losing to UNLV in their home invitational. Losing in the championship to anyone else would not be terribly tragic either.

In terms of what good can come of it, I also feel it is limited. Let's just say that BYU beats Air Force, then either San Diego St. or UNLV, who both are pretty comparable, and then Utah in the championship. All that may do is move BYU up one seed, two at the most. So instead of being an eight or nine seed, they would be a seven or eight. There really is not a huge difference in the long run.

The biggest thing BYU could gain from the tournament is getting on a roll. It is insane how good they are when they get hot. With a shooting team like BYU, it cannot be overlooked how important getting on a run can be. When shooters get hot, it is hard to stop them. Playing three quality games in a familiar, if not friendly, arena could do wonders for helping them go into the Big Dance with some momentum.

Either way, I am excited for the tournament to start and the madness that is March to commence.