Omonia Nicosia Fan Throws Explosive on Pitch at Hurt Anorthosis Player (Video)

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterOctober 22, 2012

On the one hand, this is an excellent way to weed out the fakers from the genuine walking wounded.

On the other hand, this is also scary. As in, pack-up-your-bags–and–get-out-of-town-right-now scary.

In the video above, we see, among other things, a player from Cypriot club Anorthosis Famagusta FC receiving treatment on the pitch during a match with league rivals Omonia Nicosia.

There seems to be some debate over whether the player is genuinely hurt or faking the whole thing. As you can see, the Omonia Nicosia players are none too happy with the amount of time being used up by the whole incident.

Of course, that's not the noteworthy part of the video. The noteworthy part of the video is when an explosive blows up right in the middle of everything.

Yeah, an explosive. Boom. Right there on the pitch.

If this all sounds familiar, it should. About a month ago, we posted a video of an explosion on the pitch during an Iranian league match. You can see that video right here.

In that video, the explosion went off harmlessly in the corner of the field. In this one, though, the explosion clearly hurts the player, who suddenly recovers from his injuries and scampers away from the danger zone.

No one was seriously injured in the explosion (thankfully and, it would seem, miraculously), but play was stopped for about 10 minutes. If you care, Anorthosis won the match 2-0.

So was it adrenaline? Was he really hurt and the explosion merely triggered his fight-or-flight reflex?

Or did the madman in the crowd unmask a cheeky diver?

Either way, let's make this last part abundantly clear: Carrying an explosive into a football match is insane and shouldn't be tolerated.

(h/t 101 Great Goals)