Kofi Kingston's Reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion Will Be His Best Yet

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2012

Kofi Kingston celebrates winning the Intercontinental Championship. Photo: WWE.com
Kofi Kingston celebrates winning the Intercontinental Championship. Photo: WWE.com

On the Oct. 17 edition of WWE Main Event, Kofi Kingston captured his fourth Intercontinental Championship by defeating The Miz. This reign as Intercontinental Champion will propel Kingston’s career to new heights.

Leading up to their match, Kingston and Miz had a handful of confrontations. On the Oct. 15 episode of Monday Night Raw, Miz hosted Kingston on his Miz TV interview segment. Kingston kept up with Miz on the mic and the two delivered an excellent promo.

Getting mic time with an excellent talker like Miz was a huge step in the right direction. One of the reasons that Kingston has been stuck in the midcard for so long is the fact he rarely gets the opportunity to speak.

Kingston also had two opportunities that week to shine in the ring. In his five-minute match with Miz on Raw, Kingston looked like a beast when he drilled Miz with the Trouble in Paradise kick. That kick alone made Kingston look like a believable threat to Miz and the Intercontinental Championship.

Miz and Kingston were given over 20 minutes to showcase their talents on Main Event. They utilized their time well and told a great story in the ring. Combine that with the video packages produced for the match, and Miz and Kingston look like major stars.

The WWE made a significant step in rebuilding Kingston over the course of just two shows. He went from parting ways with R-Truth to singles wrestling relevancy in no time.

Kingston got more than just valuable television time from this feud with Miz. By defeating Miz for the title, Kingston was able to dethrone a relatively dominant champion. In almost three months as Intercontinental Champion, Miz owned plenty of decisive title retentions over the likes of Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes.

From the looks of it, Kingston may be in line for the biggest push he’s had since his feud with Randy Orton in 2009. The key now is to remain consistent with the push.

If Kingston doesn’t continue to get mic time and opportunities to have memorable matches, he will quickly fall off the radar again. With the momentum he has now, it would be foolish to let his push fizzle out.

Kingston vs. Miz will continue on through at least Hell in a Cell. It is important for Kingston to put on an excellent showing at his first pay-per-view title defense. If they continue their trend, they will take advantage of every minute they’re given and have a great match.

A memorable match and a decisive victory over Miz would go a long way in solidifying Kingston’s push. After his program with Miz concludes, Kingston needs to move on to another compelling feud.

The WWE is lacking when it comes to fresh babyfaces in the main-event scene. Ryback’s rapid climb to challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship is entertaining simply because the WWE is taking a chance and giving a new face the chance to be a star.

Kingston won’t be pushed to the top like Ryback but he could dig himself in as an upper midcarder. He was on the cusp of the main event three years ago when he squared off against Orton. This reign as Intercontinental Champion could propel him to stardom once again.


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