NASCAR: No Shake Up in the Spint Cup Series

Leo ShineContributor IMarch 12, 2009

It seemed in the beginning of season with a bunch of changes, we might just see a shake up in the rank and file of Sprint Cup. There are new teams with new drivers, crews, and sponsor's. What we knew and felt comfortable with had all been changed.

When you have this much change in any walk of life, you have to expect change. At best, things will be turned upside down for a while, if not permanently.

I found myself trying to wrap my mind around different scenario's that led me to many different outcomes.

As the season started, lack of testing, engine trouble, and rain started to skew the picture even more.

Week by week the drives that have been in the Chase for the last few years began to creep back up toward the top 12. When the checkered flag dropped in Atlanta, the top 10 were all drivers that did not have to act as they had been there before, because they had.

When I look at what has transpired with all of the chaos in Sprint Cup, I can only come to one conclusion: It is the drivers that matter, the cream will always rise to the top.

Give or take a driver or two, I feel that we will have the usual suspects in the Chase.