Why Eve Torres Is the Perfect Champion for a Rebuilding WWE Divas Division

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 21, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

The Divas division within World Wrestling Entertainment has recently been rocked by the departures of some of its featured performers. The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly are already out the door and one of the most decorated women in company history, Beth Phoenix, is poised to follow them. Those women follow Michelle McCool, who a year ago left the company and has yet to express any desire to return. The Kharma experiment proved to be problematic and the release of Melina and Mickie James in recent years has left an eclectic group of women.

Layla returned to the company earlier this spring and captured the Divas Championship but lack of focus on the division by the creative team left her with little to do. AJ Lee, the most prominently-featured woman on WWE programming, was mixed up in the WWE Championship picture and has recently assumed the role of general manager. Kaitlyn has been surging as of late and is seemingly being prepared for a push of some sort.

Alicia Fox and Natalya are veterans but are constantly fighting for the very limited real estate women are allotted on WWE programming while Naomi and Cameron are stuck in the role of backup dancers for Brodus Clay.

That leaves the one woman that is perfect to fill the role of centerpiece of the Divas division while it rebuilds and that one woman is the current Divas Champion, Eve Torres.

Eve is a complete performer. She has constantly improved her in-ring work and has exhibited a charisma that allows the audience to connect with her current character, that of a manipulative scheming villainess. She has embraced her heel turn from earlier this year and has become one of the few women that generates a very vocal reaction from every audience she performs in front of. Only AJ and Vickie Guerrero can boast the same.

The 2007 Diva Search winner is also a tremendous representative for the company. As someone who has a degree in engineering, is very intelligent and fights for female empowerment, she is not the typical model-turned-wrestler. She is well-spoken and carries herself with class and dignity, as do most of the Divas.

At a time when there is great uncertainty surrounding the Divas division, and the state of women’s wrestling in WWE in general, Eve as the piece that the entire Divas roster rotates around is not only the safest choice but also the best. Is Natalya a better in-ring worker? Yes, but she has had opportunities in the past and, for whatever reason, fans have not connected with her as one would have hoped. Is Kaitlyn fresh and new and, potentially, the future of the division? Yes. But Eve is the heel that can carry the division until the company trusts a babyface Diva to finally knock her off her pedestal. That woman could come from developmental or from somewhere else.

But until someone can clearly be “The Diva" going forward, the best all-around performer should be the centerpiece of women’s sports-entertainment in WWE and, for now, the best is Eve.