Minnesota Twins 2009 Preview

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 12, 2009

Minnesota Twins 2009 Preview

The AL Central isn't what it was in 2007. Instead it's shaping up more along the lines of 2008's version. Expect it to be a wide-open race with the champion possibly not having to win more than 90 games.

That champion should be the Minnesota Twins. It will be exciting to see how Francisco Liriano comes back after last year. Joe Mauer should obviously be expected to put up numbers similar to last year's near-MVP campaign, and with the addition of Joe Crede, the Twins' offense looks to be upgraded from last year's version.

Denard Span finished his rookie year (93 games worth) with a .387 on-base percentage and 18 stolen bases, providing a much-needed element of speed to the top of the lineup. Span also is arguably the Minnesota's best fielding outfielder.

However, their depth in the outfield and his versatility may force him into the fourth outfielder spot. Delmon Young, Carlos Gomez, and Michael Cuddyer will be fighting for a starting role along with Span, giving the Twins incredible depth in that respect.

Prepare for yet another season of watching the Twins play meaningful baseball late in the season, a true testament to their farm system and front office preparation.


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