WWE: Next PPV Will Launch a Great Feud Between Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IOctober 21, 2012

Team Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars already have set the table for a potentially great feud to start at Hell in a Cell. (B/R photo)
Team Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars already have set the table for a potentially great feud to start at Hell in a Cell. (B/R photo)

Most of the time, a pay-per-view is used to continue or end feuds. Rarely will a PPV launch a feud.

But when WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 rolls around next weekend in Atlanta, we could witness the beginning of a feud, the type of which has not been seen in the WWE for several years.

That type is a good, old-fashioned tag team feud between Team Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars.

It’s only been several weeks since the Rhodes Scholars were formed. Yet when you watch them, it seems like they have been around forever.

That is a sign of just how good Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are as a team. It’s also a sign of how good they will be when, as expected, they take the World Tag Team Championship from Kane and Daniel Bryan, aka Team Hell No, at Hell in a Cell.

At first, I thought that Team Hell No was going to play its swan song at Hell in a Cell, lose the titles and disband. Kane and Bryan are outstanding singles wrestlers who were comically thrown together in an effort to jazz up the plodding tag team division.

But they have gone over with the WWE Universe in such a way that I now think the WWE Creative Team would be silly not to keep them together for a while longer…if for nothing else to put the Rhodes Scholars over even more than they are now.

I still expect the Rhodes Scholars will win the belts. But I also expect that Team Hell No will not go away quietly. If the C-Team books these teams the way they should be booked, then we could be treated to the best tag team feud in many years.

Where Team Hell No is a study in style contrast, the Rhodes Scholars are probably the most purely solid tag team WWE has seen since D-Generation X, although D-X was more of a stable than a tag team. They have chemistry that goes beyond their ring work together to include how the WWE Universe reacts to them.

Most of the teams we have seen so far in WWE have been good, but a lot of them don’t have that “it” factor.

The Prime Time Players have been to the edge on a couple of occasions, but the WWE Creative Team just did not see fit to put the titles on them. Primo and Epico are good, as are the Usos, but they are not getting much pop or heat from the crowd. The only reason they ever got the tag belts in the first place was because one of the champions was about to be suspended.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara looked to be the next “it” team (and they still might), but Mysterio’s illness has dampened that significantly.

But there is something special about the opportunity of having a feud between Team Hell No and the Rhodes Scholars.

In one corner, you have two supposed heel characters that are receiving tremendous face pop. In the other corner, you have two great smug heels that, together, have become twice the annoyance. Their crowd reaction is almost as strong as that of Team Hell No, but in the opposite direction.

The storyline possibilities are endless.

This is a tag team feud that could last over several pay-per-views and a couple of title changes. Heck, it could even go as far as WrestleMania 29 next April, culminating in a steel cage tag match for the titles.

Not to mention a match for the ages.


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