Ozcan Arkoc: "First Friendship"

AHMET BOB TURGUTCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

The new generation will probably wont remember his name but, He was  a  giant name in Turkey and in Germany.

His name is Ozcan Arkoc, who still lives in Norderstedt, Germany and just celebrated his 70th birthday in October.

He played With Fenerbahce in late 50's and 60's in the Turkish League than he played for Hamburg team and coached Hamburg team between 1977-1978.

He was the Keeper when Turkish Great Metin Oktay scored that famous goal when he ripped the nets!...

But, that season Fenerbahce went on and won the Turkish League with Ozcan Arkoc.

Before the Hamburg v Galatasaray UEFA Cup match he talked to German media

I am so upset, that Turkish media has not talked about this legend who lives in  Germany...

According to interview he gave to HH Sports from Germany, He wants the Friendship first..

Ozcan Arkoc said "The results are secondary for him , he went on to say, He (lives in Norderstedt) want fun and good football in both matches.