Aaron Rodgers: Is the Packers QB Back in the MVP Race?

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIOctober 21, 2012

Aaron Rodgers had another big game today in St. Louis
Aaron Rodgers had another big game today in St. LouisDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Green Bay defeated the St. Louis Rams 30-20 Sunday. The Packers have now won two games in a row for the first time this season. The Packers' record finally went over .500, now at 4-3.  \While they may not be leading their division at this point, it is a good momentum boost for them to win two in a row.

Aaron Rodgers had another big game. Rodgers went 30-for-37, throwing for 342 yards and three touchdowns. His passer rating was 132.2, where the maximum rating is 158.3.  

Rodgers completed all kinds of throws. He was able to make short passes for Randall Cobb and others to break out and run, he found Jordy Nelson and James Jones on multiple medium throws and he was able to Nelson on a long bomb for 52 yards. Rodgers was able to do anything he wanted against the Rams defense.

After an unusually slow start for Rodgers, many people were criticizing his performance. In the first three weeks, Rodgers had only three touchdowns and two interceptions. In the past four weeks, he has 1,234 yards, 16 touchdowns and only two interceptions.

The recent explosion by Rodgers finally has him back in the MVP race. The real question, however, is why was he so quickly counted out earlier?

Rodgers had an incredible season last year, throwing for 45 touchdowns and six interceptions. He broke the NFL record for highest season passer rating at 122.5. The fact that he already has four picks through the first seven weeks concerned a lot of people.

The offense had been struggling through the first three games, with the offensive line struggling against the pass rush. Since then, Rodgers has found his groove, and the offense has started to return to their former glory of last season.

What is even more impressive is that Rodgers hasn't slowed down with the absence of Greg Jennings and Cedric Benson. The loss of Benson was a big blow. The Packers were finally finding a weapon in the running game, but the injury has left the burden to Alex Green. The loss of Jennings has forced Nelson and Jones to pick up the slack.

The offense has not sputtered with the loss of both of these players. Cobb has finally emerged as a real weapon, scoring twice Sunday against St. Louis. Nelson had another score, his fourth in two games.

Rodgers' performance certainly brings him back into the MVP race. His past two games have been incredible, and the offense is returning to 2011 form. With the next two games at home against Jacksonville and Arizona, Rodgers has a chance to play even better.