The Wrestlemania Invitational: Elite Eight

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IMarch 12, 2009

And then there were eight....

My excitement for the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament inspired me to do this Wrestlemania Invitational. We have looked at some of the greatest Wrestlemania's of all-time and now we are down to eight of the best. 

So before I hit you with my CvC article on a superstar who needs no introduction, lets get this tournament down to the final four shall we? 


Wrestlemania III vs. Wrestlemania X

We have Hogan/Andre and Savage/Steamboat versus Bret/Owen and Razor Ramon/HBK.  Both events were highlighted by two great matches. 

Wrestlemania X had nothing else to offer outside of these two matches in my opinion. 

Wrestlemania III had additional matches on the card such as The Hart Foundation and Danny Davis vs. The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana which were great to watch.  In addition to that over 93,000 people witnessed this event live. 

The numbers don't lie....

Winner: Wrestlemania III


Wrestlemania X-Seven vs. Wrestlemania XXIV

The tag team TLC match between The Dudley's, Hardy's and Edge and Christian highlight X-Seven.  Of course we had The Rock vs. Austin and the infamous "Stone Cold" heel turn. 

Last year's edition of Wrestlemania was a classic. Don't just take my word for it, ask my main man JLB who witnessed it live. 

Between the MITB ladder match, Undertaker/Edge, Michaels/Flair and the triple threat match between Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton this card was stacked.

Winner: Wrestlemania XXIV 


Wrestlemania 21 vs. Wrestlemania XIX

Wrestlemania 21 was the coming out party for both John Cena and Batista.  The torched was passed to the both of them as they became top tier stars in the WWE.  The first ever MITB ladder match stole the show with Kurt Angle/Shawn Michaels a close second.

Wrestlemania XIX was also a passing of the torch so to speak. Steve Austin and The Rock were not in the main event. Instead we saw Brock Lesnar become WWE Champion by defeating Kurt Angle. 

Still, The Rock and Austin went one-on-one for the third time at Wrestlemania.  Though it wasn't the main event it was a great match and an end to one of the all-time great rivalries in WWE history.

This matchup is a tough one to call. Both cards were pretty good.  The featured matches were great and had star power. 

I have to give the edge to 21 on the strength of the first ever "Money In The Bank" ladder match.

Winner: Wrestlemania 21


Wrestlemania XIV vs. Wrestlemania VI

Wrestlemania XIV of course was the birth of the "Attitude Era" in the WWE.  Austin became the man, Undertaker defeated his brother Kane, and Pete Rose got tombstoned.

Let's not forget Mike Tyson and the rise of Triple H as leader of DX.  All classic stuff!

What's funny about XIV is that the pay-per-view wasn't that great but the event's effect on the WWE was significant. Wrestlemania VI simply put was all about Hulk Hogan versus Ultimate Warrior.

Could a main event get any better than this? 

We've learned over the years that the answer is yes but it's no arguing at that time that they're weren't two bigger stars in wrestling. 

The problem with VI is the rest of the card.  The matches left a lot to be desired.  Even compared to XIV the card was average.

Winner: Wrestlemania XIV


The final four is set!! 

It will be Wrestlemania III vs. Wrestlemania XXIV in a matchup that could really be the championship because it's so good. 

In the second matchup it will be Wrestlemania 21 vs. Wrestlemania XIV.  The birth of the "Attitude Era" vs. "Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood" 

From this point on, your vote will decide the champion!!  So look out for the final four article as you will get to vote for who advances to the finals.