NCAA Tournament Tickets: The Breakdown

Marcus ShockleyCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

Before we get started, click here to see all of the cheapest prices for NCAA tournament tickets. See all the varying differences in prices? That's because the secret to getting the best tickets is completely related to which teams are playing in which venues. UNC playing in Greensboro drives up demand, since UNC's campus is about an hour away and Greensboro is in the heart of the UNC fan base.

Often called March Madness, the tournament is one of the most watched events of the sports year. It is referred to as the Big Dance, which juxtaposes the tournament against the NIT, which has become less and less relevant over the years.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that going to watch NCAA tourney games in person is one of the best atmospheres in sports, and it's fantastic, even if you aren't rooting for a specific team at the venue.

The NCAA tournament was started in 1939 and thrives on underdog teams winning unexpected games. Underdogs that win in the tournament are nicknamed "Cinderellas" and a lot of fanfare surrounds how far a "Cinderella" team can advance in the tournament.

This year the tournament will play the semifinals and championship in Detroit, and these games are affectionately called The Final Four.

The NCAA Tournament is played entirely at neutral sites. This year the first and second round games will be played at the following sites:

Kansas City

The Regionals (also known as the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight) will be played in the following cities:

East Regional - Boston
Midwest Regional - Indianapolis
South Regional Tickets - Memphis
West Regional Tickets - Phoenix

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