Ravens vs. Texans: Final Report Card, Grades for Baltimore

James Reagan@@James__ReaganCorrespondent IIOctober 21, 2012

Ravens vs. Texans: Final Report Card, Grades for Baltimore

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    The Baltimore Ravens were brutally defeated by the Houston Texans by a final score of 43-13. This loss drops the Ravens to 5-2 while the Texans still have the AFC's best record as they sit at 6-1.

    Even though many experts thought the Texans would win, this is still an extremely discouraging loss just because of the fact that the Texans thoroughly dominated the Ravens. 

    Let's take a look at the Ravens final postgame grades and evaluations. 


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    Flacco's performance overall was very mediocre today as he continued to show that he's not the same quarterback on the road. He completed just under 50 percent of his passes and threw two interceptions. Thankfully he added a touchdown which boosted his QB rating but overall this is a very disappointing game for Flacco that he will definitely want to forget.


    Fourth Quarter-B

    Flacco had his best quarter late in the game. Still it was by far too little too late as he failed to lead the offense to a touchdown. They only scored three points in this period which was almost unnecessary due to the circumstances of the blowout. 

    Flacco also took two brutal sacks on the team's scoring drive. Both sacks caused for major losses in yards and were part of the reason why the team had to settle for three points.


    Third Quarter-C+

    This quarter was clearly better for Flacco. He completed 7-of-10 passes, one of them went for a touchdown.

    Most of these passes were short, however the Ravens were at least able to sustain some offensive drives. Still the 26 point deficit looms large and the Ravens will need to start throwing deeper if they want to get back into this game.


    Second Quarter-F

    This second quarter was absolutely nightmarish for the Ravens as they allowed the Texans to score 20 points in this quarter. Flacco is definitely partially to blame as he has been nothing short of completely awful this quarter.

    Four completed passes is all that Flacco has this quarter. He's currently 7-of-20 with 52 yards. This quarter also see him throw two interceptions, one of which was a pick-six to Jonathan Joseph. While the interception wasn't entirely an awful throw, the deflection by J.J. Watt and the ensuing touchdown was devastating for the team.

    To tell you how bad the quarter has been, the Ravens longest drive was five plays and 20 yards. Flacco has only two more completions than interceptions in this quarter and is a huge part of the reason why this game is basically over at halftime.  


    First Quarter-C-

    Not a too impressive first quarter for Joe Flacco. He finished the quarter completing 3-of-6 passes for 25 yards. So far the best play in the passing game was a 13-yard pass to Torrey Smith.

    That first offensive drive was by far the best as the Ravens ended up with a 51-yard field goal by Justin Tucker. Since then, it's been short drives with very little going well on offense.

    The offensive protection has not been good at all either. Flacco has been sacked twice, one of them for a safety.The line will need to adjust to protect him more while Flacco needs to do something to jumpstart the offense.

Running Backs

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    Ray Rice-C+

    With the game being a massive blowout from the second quarter on, the Ravens couldn't run the ball very much. This resulted in Rice's worst game of the season with only nine carries for 42 yards.

    He got a little involved in the passing game as he led the team in receptions with five. All of them were very short though as he only had 12 receiving yards.

    Vonta Leach-C+

    Leach did a good job blocking for Rice particularly in the first quarter where he actually had some good runs. He then mostly focused on pass protection where he did an average job. Leach also put up one rush for six yards. 

Wide Receivers

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    Torrey Smith-C

    Smith caught most of what was given to him. However that just wasn't very much as he only had four catches for 48 yards.With a long of only 15 yards, it's clear that the Texans cornerbacks were successful in taking away the deep ball from him.

    Anquan Boldin-D

    Boldin was even less of a factor than Smith. He only had 24 yards with most of his yards coming in garbage time. 

    Jacoby Jones-C-

    It was clear from the start that Jones was fired up to go against his former team. Most of that energy materialized in the return game as Jones had only two catches for 17 yards and was pretty much a non-factor on offense.

    Tandon Doss-B-

    Doss was barely on the field but he certainly made an impact when he was on. His only reception went for a 15-yard touchdown, the Ravens only score of the game. After an injury-filled rookie season, it's nice to see that Doss is finally becoming a contributor in the passing game.

Tight Ends

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    Dennis Pitta-C

    Although he led the team in receptions, there wasn't too much to be impressed with from Pitta's performance today. He only had 33 receiving yards with a long of just nine yards. He was decent in pass blocking as well.

    Ed Dickson-D-

    No impact in the pass game yet again. Instead Dickson mostly just blocked during the few plays that he was in the game.

Offensive Line

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    Matt Birk-D

    The offensive line in general had its hands full trying to deal with J.J. Watt and Connor Barwin. While Birk was decent in pass protection, he was mostly losing the battle at the line of scrimmage and he definitely looked older and slower out there.

    Bryant McKinnie-C

    McKinnie came in as a replacement during Osemele's injury. He took over at left tackle where he was an improvement from the clearly hurting Osemele. McKinnie looked fresh for the most part and he didn't give up too much pressure on Joe Flacco. 

    Michael Oher-D

    Not a good game for Oher. He was switched over to right tackle after Osemele's injury but he still continued to struggle on that side as well. 

    Kelechi Osemele-C

    Injuries hurt Osemele's performance as he had to sit out for an extended amount of time in the second half. Still when he played, it was clear that he was fighting hard and putting on a lot of effort just to be on the field. He also deserves credit for preventing league-leader J.J. Watt from getting any sacks.

    Bobbie Williams-F

    Williams struggled at the left guard position today. He looked older compared to the young and athletic defensive linemen on the Texans defense. He definitely deserves some of the blame for the safety as well.

    Marshal Yanda-C 

    Probably the Ravens best offensive lineman today. He looked athletic and he was able to provide protection for Flacco on the right side of the line. 

Defensive Line

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    Terrence Cody-D-

    Cody was back as a starter on the defensive line, replacing the injured Ma'ake Kemoeatu. He did not make a positive impression during his return with only one tackle the whole day. 

    Arthur Jones-C-

    With five assisted tackles, Jones was all over the stat sheet despite only managing one solo tackle. He was unable to help with the pass rush though and the above photo was probably the closest he ever got to Matt Schaub.

    Haloti Ngata- F

    Ngata's injury from last week flared up again. He also had to miss some time this week as he left the game right before halftime. His missed time is reflected in the stats sheet as he failed to tally a defensive statistic today. 


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    Dannell Ellerbe-B-

    Ellerbe wasn't all that bad in his first start in place of Ray Lewis. He led the team in tackles with nine and was constantly out there trying to make a play. Definitely a commendable attitude given how far out of reach the game was.

    Paul Kruger-C-

    The same can't really be said for Kruger. With Terrell Suggs shockingly able to play and start in this game, Kruger just came in whenever Suggs needed rest. It's worrying that the only recently recovered Suggs played with far more energy than a healthy Kruger did.

    Jameel McClain-D 

    With only three tackles, McClain did not make very much of an impact. He had trouble bringing down Arian Foster in the second half when the Texans were trying to run the clock out. He also had some issues in pass coverage.

    Terrell Suggs-A 

    What Suggs did today caps off one of the most amazing injury recoveries in NFL history. Just five months after his achilles tear, Suggs took the field and looked very similar to how he did as defensive player of the year last season. Suggs had three tackles and one sack and was essentially the Ravens pass rush as he caused some trouble for Matt Schaub early in the game. 

    Courtney Upshaw-D

    Starting on the opposite side of Suggs, Upshaw made it clear he was a rookie. He only had two tackles and failed to help with the pass rush at all. 

Defensive Backs

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    Bernard Pollard-C-

    Pollard played with intensity as he clearly wanted the win over his former team. This led to some boneheaded mistakes including a brutal unnecessary roughness penalty against him for hitting Owen Daniels. Pollard was livid after the play and he almost got himself ejected by making contact with an official.

    Ed Reed-D+

    Reed made five tackles so he was at least active in that front today. In defending the pass though, he was not active as many times he was nowhere to be found when Matt Schaub was throwing the ball out deep. There was also a scary moment where Reed was on the ground injured although he got himself back up.

    Jimmy Smith-D

    Not a good day for the Ravens cornerbacks and anyone wondering if they could fill the void left by Lardarius Webb's injury. Jimmy Smith was awful at corner as he was routinely beat by the Texans receivers, most notably by Kevin Walter's touchdown in the second quarter. He seemed over his head and was clearly picked on by Schaub once he noticed how poorly Smith was playing.

    Carey Williams-D-

    As bad as Smith was, Williams was arguably worse. He should have been burnt on the touchdown in the second quarter but that was not the only bad play on his part. In fairness he did log a sack in the game, although his pass coverage struggles weigh out the sack when it comes to these grades.

Special Teams-C-

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    Justin Tucker-A-

    Justin Tucker was one of the few bright spots from this game. He made both of his field goals, both of which were from more than 50 yards out. He's now 13-of-14 on the season and has clearly validated the Ravens decision to go with him over Billy Cundiff.

    Sam Koch-A

    A great punting day for Sam Koch, although a lot of that had to do with the offense's struggles. He punted five times with an average of 48 yards, his longest going 54 yards. Koch consistently punted the ball within the Texans 20 yard line and he did his best to keep the team in field position.

    Jacoby Jones-B-

    Jones was clearly inspired during his many kick returns. He even took two of them back more than 40 yards, which helped with the field position battle.  


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    Cam Cameron-D-

    In a loss like this, lots of the blame has to go to the coaching staff. Cameron shoulders a fair share of blame after failing to switch his gameplan when Joe Flacco was struggling. Instead, Cameron ignored Ray Rice and the running game while also failing with the short passes.

    Dean Pees-D

    The soft coverage killed the Ravens as they seemed to sell out on the run. Matt Schaub was able to sit back and pick apart the Ravens secondary with ease. It's early but Pees has been in charge of one of the worst Ravens defenses in franchise history and it's starting to look very possible that he will lose his job next season.

    John Harbaugh-F

    This was the worst loss in the John Harbaugh grade, hence he gets the worst grade of the day. Everyone knew this was a big game between two elite AFC squads and yet Harbaugh did not have his team ready. The replacements for Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis were mediocre while the offense continued it's trend of struggling on the road.

    Harbaugh is to blame for most of this and he'll need to coach better going forward. Injuries happen in football so he needs to find some way to adapt in this trying season or else more losses will come.