David Villa Signing Fast Approaching for Manchester City

True BlueCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2017

You won't see me post an article on here offering facts unless they are pretty certain.

My last post made it clear that City had bought some land for a new training facility and that Hughes was safe in his job. Both of those facts have been confirmed by Garry Cook at a fans forum.

As I have a history of getting things right and not being a rumour monger, I am happy to be able to report that Manchester City are very close to signing David Villa.

His current club are pretty close to being declared bankrupt if loans of over €20 million are not repaid, and with no additional loans or overdrafts from the bank available, they need cash.

I understand that, as with Robinho, the owners will pay in cash up front.

There is also a suggestion that City will secure the services of a second Valencia signing at the same time, with a total outlay in cash of €60 million a possibility.

Although leaning more towards speculation, there are also mutterings within a small circle of people connected to Manchester City that a number of high profile signings are wanted before the summer.

Clubs that have failed to progress in the Champions League are about to receive phone calls from City.