The Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Boston Celtics History

Matthew SchmidtFeatured ColumnistOctober 21, 2012

The Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Boston Celtics History

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    While the Boston Celtics are mainly known for their 17 championships and dedication to excellence, that doesn't mean they haven't had some guys who were just plain fun to watch. The Celtics have had some rather amazing dunkers. So, who were the most amazing ones?

    The funny thing is, a couple of players who are going to be on this list wore out their welcome with Boston fairly quickly. That said, they provided C's fans with some memorable highlight reel slams that the fans likely remember vividly.

    And yes, Dominique Wilkins is technically eligible because he did play for the Celtics, but let's be real: he has no business making this list as a Celtic.

    So, let's get to the guys who deserve to be on the list.

Honorable Mention: Paul Pierce

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    Due to the fact that he was never overly athletic, Paul Pierce just misses making the cut, but he has put down enough rim-rocking jams that he at least deserves a mention.

    There has really never been anything ridiculously exciting about Pierce's game. He is one of the most methodical players in the league, and it's that meticulousness that makes him such a difficult cover.

    That being said, he can rise up for some dunks on occasion. How about those two dunks he had in Game 3 of the second round of the playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers this past year?

    Plus, NBA champion or not, Chris Bosh likely still has nightmares about that public humiliation from three years ago.

5. Kevin Garnett

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    He may not be the same ferocious dunker that he was during his Minnesota Timberwolves days, but Kevin Garnett can still bring it every now and then. James Jones found that out the hard way during this past year's Eastern Conference Finals.

    Garnett's most memorable dunk as a Celtic has to be the absolute facial he served up on Theo Ratliff during Boston's 2008 run to the title.

    The guy is 36 years old and has more mileage on his body than almost anyone else in the league, but you still don't want to be in his way when he gets airborne around the basket.

4. Tony Allen

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    It really makes you wonder how much better Tony Allen could have been had it not been for that gruesome torn ACL he suffered early in his career.

    This is a guy who could throw down with the best of them, being perhaps one of the more underrated power dunkers in the league. People tend not to realize how high Allen can get.

    Also, that slam he had on Antawn Jamison during Game 6 of the second round of the playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 was not only vicious, but it also represented a fairly big play in the game.

    There don't seem to be many Celtics fans out there who don't miss T.A.'s presence on the floor. He has really turned into a force.

3. Ricky Davis

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    It's a shame Ricky Davis was never able to put all of his talent together, because he could have been one heck of a player.

    One thing is for sure, though. Davis was usually the best dunker on the floor.

    This is a player who threw down with such ferocity that sometimes you'd wonder if the rim would hold up (as seen in the video above).

    It wasn't just that Davis was a good dunker, either. While not having the greatest handles, he was incredibly quick with the basketball and could get to the basket at will if he wanted to. If there was anyone in front of him, he would just jump over them. Just ask Steve Nash. Sure, he didn't do that as a Celtic, but that dunk is just too good not to include here.

2. Dee Brown

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    Without question, the most well known dunker in Celtics history is Dee Brown. He may not be the best, but given that he spent a good deal of time in Boston, Brown is the most recognizable of the franchise's most notable dunkers.

    Standing only 6'1", Brown was one of the most explosive athletes ever to set foot on an NBA floor. It was as if he had springs in his legs.

    Back before the Slam Dunk contest involved props and gimmicks, Brown stole the show with his famous "no-look" slam to best Shawn Kemp in 1991.

1. Gerald Green

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    When you talk about the high-fliers in today's NBA, you would be remiss if you didn't mention Gerald Green. This is a kid who jumps so high that you need a telescope to see him when he's in the air.

    He only spent two seasons with the Celtics and was dealt to the Timberwolves as part of the Garnett trade, but man, did he throw down some incredible dunks that Boston fans will remember for a long, long time.

    Green won the Slam Dunk Contest in 2007, besting Nate Robinson in the finals.

    The 26-year-old Green is now a member of the Indiana Pacers, although he was seen putting down some monster jams last year with the New Jersey (now Brooklyn) Nets.

    If this kid can just keep his head on straight, he can certainly develop into a fine player in this league. There is still plenty of time.