Washington Capitals: Alex Ovechkin's Road to 60

Nikki DompkeCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2008

Last night in Nashville, Washington Capital’s Alexander Ovechkin continued to accumulate points with two assists and a goal, pushing him past 100 points to become the first Capital to ever have two 100 point seasons.

And he did it after only three seasons in the NHL!

Ovechkin is now only two goals shy of 60, and hoping to change that tonight in the Capitals' matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Although the only goal the winger scored last night was an empty-netter, we can't overlook his obvious geometry skills. He scored with just 3.4 seconds left in the third period by clearing the puck off of the wall, where it bounced perfectly into the Predator’s empty net at the other end of the rink.

In tonight's game, Washington will be seeking their first five-game winning streak in more than seven years.

Tonight is a special night in Chicago; the Hawks will honor Tony Esposito, a three-time Vezina Trophy winner, who was a goaltender for the Blackhawks for 15 years and pioneered the now popular butterfly style.

Washington has to be prepared to start the game off right as the first period commences because the Blackhawks are known for scoring lots of goals in the first period.

The Caps must also be ready to play sixty full minutes of hockey. They tend to skate very well during the first period, but then barely show up to play the remaining two.

If the Capitals can maintain their composure throughout all three periods, tonight's matchup is sure to be an exciting one.