Braxton Miller: Buckeyes Must Maintain Offensive Style Despite QB's Injury

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIOctober 20, 2012

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 20:  Braxton Miller #5 of the Ohio State Buckeyes runs past Landon Feichter #44 of the Purdue Boilermakers during the first quarter on October 20, 2012 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

It looked bad, real bad. Ohio State standout quarterback Braxton Miller went down after a 37-yard scamper at the tail-end of the third quarter Saturday versus Purdue, and it appeared to be a pretty serious injury.

After going to the hospital, Miller passed all the tests, according to ESPN's Austin Ward.

Braxton Miller passed all concussion tests, shoulders, neck and head, and he is set to be released from the hospital.

—Austin Ward (@BuckeyesBeat), October 20, 2012

And Miller has officially left the hospital, according to Ward.

OSU spokesman: Braxton Miller has officially left the hospital.

—Austin Ward (@BuckeyesBeat), October 20, 2012

Great news for Ohio State, but now it leaves the question of whether or not the Buckeyes should change how they use Miller.

The short and abrupt answer is simple. Absolutely not. That would be foolish. That would make no sense. Yet for little reason, I have seen this topic afloat on social-media networks.

I'm all for protecting Miller's future, which is why I would have him sit out a game if the doctors thought it was right, but if they say he's okay to play, he would start next week at Penn State.

Changing how the offense runs would be ridiculously dumb. Just the thought makes me cringe. Urban Meyer has made a living off of this style of offense. Look at what he did with Tim Tebow.

Yes, Miller isn't the same player as Tebow, but Miller plays a similar rushing style of football that gels perfectly in the system. The system has been the No. 1 reason why Miller is near the top of the Heisman list right now.

The system and Miller have been the perfect fit. 

Miller has rushed for more than 100 yards five times this season. He has scored 10 touchdowns on the ground; only once has he not recorded a rushing touchdown this season.

Running the ball is clearly what Miller does best; passing isn't his forte. Miller has only been over 200 yards passing three times this season.

If you take away his rushing ability by eliminating how many times he runs the football, you take away 90 percent of his game.

Ohio State is in a perfect position to run the table this season. With Penn State, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan left on the schedule, the door is wide-open. 

Having Miller on the field makes Ohio State a legitimate threat to seal the deal. However, if he's on the field and the same style of offense isn't enforced, the Buckeyes will lose multiple games to finish the campaign.

Obviously, Meyer shouldn't and won't change the offense, but even thinking about it is a dumb idea. The Buckeyes are undefeated for a reason, and that's because of Urban Meyer.

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.