WWE Suddenly Finds Itself in an Awkward Position with John Cena

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

John Cena is still the biggest star in the WWE, but the gap between him and others is steadily closing with the onset of Ryback.

Now main-eventing his first pay-per-view out of necessity, Cena finds himself in the rare position of spectator as he recovers from elbow surgery with the WWE Championship on the line at Hell in a Cell.

With Cena still available to be used at the pay-per-view in a non-wrestling role, the WWE must find a role for their longtime workhorse while keeping the focus on a Ryback-Punk main event that now becomes more compelling based growing uncertainties regarding the finish.

These are uncharted waters for Cena, whose current inactivity has forced the WWE to experiment with moving in a different direction with a new "it" guy. 

Should Ryback continue to stockpile momentum on the strength of an undefeated streak, a fun chant and—god forbid—a WWE title victory at Hell in a Cell, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that Cena's role as a top star marginally decreases with each passing month. 

Don't believe me?  Ask Brett Favre. 

In a high-profile, nationally-televised game against the Cowboys, the seemingly immortal yet aging NFL legend was knocked out of the game, only for upstart quarterback Aaron Rodgers to impress in relief of the durable future Hall of Famer. 

It wasn't too long before the Green Bay Packers organization all but pushed Favre out the door after the icon so much as uttered the word "retirement" at the end of that season, and just a few seasons later the Packers found themselves on top of the world as Super Bowl Champions under the direction of the aforementioned Rodgers. 

Rodgers is the reigning NFL MVP, and the Packers couldn't look any smarter for refusing to look back. 

But this is professional wrestling, where age is but a number, and where Vince McMahon is known to rest on his laurels to the point of dormancy. 

So surely Cena's throne atop the WWE will be waiting for him once he makes a full recovery from a nagging elbow injury, right? 

If these "Feed Me More" chants get any louder, hustle, loyalty and respect could be quickly devoured for breakfast, lunch and dinner.