UMass Cornerback Sends Tweets During the Team's Halftime

Adam KramerNational College Football Lead WriterOctober 20, 2012

Image Via Maroon Musket
Image Via Maroon Musket

Ah, Twitter.

It’s a glorious device that occupies far too much time, and it’s certainly viewed differently through the college football landscape. Some coaches allow it, but others...not so much.

Tweets during games, well, that’s just unheard of. Excuse me, it was unheard of.

UMass cornerback D'Metrius Williams took his talents to the 140-characters-or-less world on Saturday.

During halftime. 

Oh, and he sent multiple tweets, including one asking someone not to tell his coach:

IM OUT HERE BALLIN' .. 2nd half bouta qet started time too qet mo' money 👍👌👌

— d ' m e t r i u s ★ (@dee13williams) October 20, 2012


@harryplumer ; lol don't tell coach ! ahaha but im done now .

— d ' m e t r i u s ★ (@dee13williams) October 20, 2012


I’m not sure how the UMass football staff will respond when they find out about this—and they will find out—but I don’t imagine they’ll be celebrating this with a smile. Stairs, maybe. Probably lots of stairs.

As someone who absolutely loves social media, however, I applaud his dedication to his followers. An actual in-game tweet can’t be far behind.