Top 10 Pick-and-Roll Finishers in the NBA

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Top 10 Pick-and-Roll Finishers in the NBA
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The pick-and-roll is very much in vogue right now, especially when these elite finishers are storming down the NBA courts. Much to the chagrin of the Association's defenders, all 10 of these players are going to be on the receiving end of passes after they roll out of their screens during the 2012-13 season. 

Being a top-notch finisher in the PnR game requires size, timing and athleticism. Two of the three generally won't suffice. A player must set a solid screen, roll toward the basket at the correct time, receive the play and, most importantly, put the ball through the hoop for two points. 

Please note that the pick-and-pop variation is not being considered here. Pau Gasol and Chris Bosh, for example, are not going to be included as a result, although they'd certainly be in contention if plays that resulted in mid-range jumpers were included in the scope of this article. 

We're also only talking about the players who receive a pass to finish the play. Take LeBron James. He has screens set for him and then explodes to the basket, finishing the play through contact more often than not. 

While that is indeed finishing the play on a pick-and-roll, he isn't technically a "finisher" because the ball was in his hands at the start of the play as well. 

It's generally quite difficult for non-power forwards and centers to work their way into these rankings. 


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