Another MLS Rival Hitting Canada As Early As 2012

Ezra BurgerContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Canada get ready to kick futbal.(soccer) With recent talking with MLS spokesperson he stated to comment that Canada will most likely recieve the next MLS expansion team. Currently as it stand there are four places in Canada running for the MLS expansion team. That's right Canada at first it was the USL team from Montreal to convert to the MLS which would make sense since MLS reporting a 43,000 tickets sold in the past year. With Ottawa being the second viable option for the expansion team. Ottawa owner Eugene will be attending a meeting in coming weeks regarding the upcoming bid. Since the east is covered, how about we roll out the red carpet in Western Canada. That's right Canada, Calagary and Vancouver is in the race for a MLS team of their own. It's seems that hockey fans will eventually go multi fan base in the summer and winter. Meaning they will cheer for their hockey teams in the winter and their soccer teams in the summer. With all these rival cities placing a bid, we can already setup rival matchs between the cities or even provinces. The announcement of the new expansion team will be announced at the MLS cup game. So get ready Canada, to kick the futbal! Sources: 24th Minute