Viral Video Breakdown: High School Kickers, Arianny Celeste and More Hot Clips

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 19, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: High School Kickers, Arianny Celeste and More Hot Clips

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    Phil Mickelson missed a crucial shot at halftime, Arianny Celeste released quite the bizarre music video, and we have another raucous week to unravel. 

    I seriously have no idea what just happened this week, but I am glad it did. 

    We had high school kickers outdoing professional records and Ice Girls making us forget all about the NHL lockout. And the best moments are captured here for your clicking and viewing pleasure. 

    As always, if you feel there was a video that really should have made it on the list, sound off in the section below.  Otherwise, join me as we plunge into another magical week of viral videos. 

Dallas Stars Ice Girls Save Day

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    Yes, the NHL Lockout sucks, robbing hockey fans of glorious entertainment, but there is a bright side to the doldrums.

    Ice Girls get bored too.

    The Dallas Stars collective used their time wisely by giving us this sexy parody of Little Big Town's "Pontoon." Hooray for that.  

    More Information: Dallas Stars Ice Girls Make Great Use of Lockout, Create Sexy Music Video

Basejumping + Gymnastics = Failure

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    The week started off with Felix Baumgartner's leap from space. So it was perfect that we also received a video on the polar opposite of that jump. 

    Here is a Norwegian basejumper trying to spice up an already gnarly jump, and failing. Thankfully, he survived. 

    More Information: Basejumper Fails and Falls from Gymnastics High Bar Perched on Side of Cliff

High School Kicker Launches Epic Field Goal

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    There is no way to properly describe Austin Rehkow's 67-field goal, other than that it was amazing. The high-schooler launched a kick all his classmates at Central Valley High in Spokane Valley, Washington will be talking about forever. 

    And then they have their grandkids to carry on the tall tale. 

    We assume by that point, it will be an 87-yard kick. Either way, you have to love this prep Sebastian Janikowski. 

    More Information: High School Kicker Launches Legendary 67-Yard Field Goal

Swimmer Cannonballs into Disaster

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    Be warned, there is some NSFW language in the video. 

    That is to be expected when one man plans to cannonball into a frozen pool. Obviously, he expects the ice to crack under his weight. 

    For the sake of the comedy gods, it doesn't. 

    More Information: German Genius Cannonballs into Frozen Swimming Pool, No Ice Harmed

High School Punt Ends Up a Safety Thanks to Wind

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    It was a great week for high school kickers to create memorable moments. That doesn't mean they were all successful, though. 

    In Denton, Texas, this Nelson Bobcats punter launches a kick into the wind, only to see it get caught and whipped back to the opposite end zone. 

    The Guyer Wildcats touched the ball for a safety. 

    Punting ain't easy. 

    More Information: High School Punter's Kick Gets Caught by Gust of Wind, Flies Back for Safety

NFL Reporter Smash

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    What's that you say, you have never seen NFL Network's Ian Rapoport domed in the face with an errant football?

    Even if you have, it's always good to see again. 

    More Information: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport Gets Domed in Face with Football

Arianny Celeste Is On Top of the World

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    We were completely enchanted by this new music video for Manufactured Superstars called,"Top of the World."

    By enchanted, we mean befuddled. We still have no clue what any of it means, but it features UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste, so we are not about to complain too much. 

    More Information: Arianny Celeste's Music Video Is Most Awful Must-See Video of All Time

Metta World Smooch

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    It wouldn't be a weekly roundup of wacky videos without the Lakers' Metta World Peace doing something nuts. 

    Here he is getting the block on Utah's Gordan Hayward and then going into the stands to lay a kiss on a fan's hand. 

    More Information: Lakers' Metta World Peace Goes into Stands to Lay a Kiss on Fan's Hand

Phil Mickelson Fail

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    It's not often that Lefty fails in front of thousands, so we make sure to capture those moments here for all to remember the golfer is indeed human. 

    During the Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and Broncos, Lefty tried to hit a chip shot for charity. With thousands screaming, he hit the ball too hard and sent it past the mark. 

    His charity still received $50,000. Not too bad for a poor shot. 

    More Information: Phil Mickelson Misses Million-Dollar Monday Night Football Shot

Golden State Hazing Magic

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    We always love to see when hazing goes right, and this is certainly one of those instances. 

    Here are the Warriors rookies launching into song and dance. Click on the link for a break down on who does what and at what time. 

    Play us out of here, rooks. 

    More Information: Golden State Warriors' Rookies Hazed into Awful Singing & Dancing Gangnam Style

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