Redskins vs. Giants: Big Blue's Guide to Defending RG3

Paul TierneyCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2012

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.Larry French/Getty Images

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is a dynamic, tantalizing young talent with enough skills to give defensive coordinators nightmares.

He has a cannon for an arm, the speed of a wide receiver and the mind of a quarterback well beyond his years. Needless to say, the New York Giants are going to have their hands full this weekend as the 'Skins travel to MetLife Stadium.

The Giants have had issues containing mobile quarterbacks over the years, namely Michael Vick and Vince Young. While Big Blue undoubtedly has the more talented football team heading into Sunday's matchup, RG3 has the ability to take over a game by himself.

Let's take a look at three things the Giants must do to contain RG3 and emerge with their first win within the division this weekend.


Stack the Box

Big Blue's defensive line came to life last weekend, as they sacked San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith six times.

Four of those six sacks came on a four man rush, but the Giants cannot afford to take that risk this weekend. RG3 must be under consistent pressure all game and forced to make quick, rushed decisions with the football. If the Giants only rush their front four, there will be gaps for RG3 to run through and make his way down the field. 

By stacking the box and bringing pressure, the Giants not only force Griffin to throw quickly, but they neutralize Washington's rushing attack.

The 'Skins are currently ranked second in the NFL in rushing offense, averaging 166 yards per game. Alfred Morris has been effective, and RG3 has been deadly outside of the pocket.

Bringing five and six man rushes will take the Redskins away from their rushing attack and force them to air it out. With Pierre Garcon likely out this week, the Giants can afford to take their chances in creative blitz packages.

Look for Perry Fewell to bring the heat this weekend.


Keith Rivers Must Spy RG3

Jacquian Williams is normally the man for this job, but he will be unavailable for this Week 7 matchup. Keith Rivers is the Giants' most athletic linebacker and will be relied upon to spy RG3 at times throughout the game.

Although Rivers has had issues staying on the field, he has been stellar against the run and an asset in pass coverage. With Mathias Kiwanuka likely to see most of his snaps as a down linemen this weekend, Keith Rivers will be relied upon as both a strong-side linebacker and as a spy on short down and distance plays.

He's not as fast as RG3, but Rivers is the best chance the Giants have at containing the 'Skins' dynamic quarterback.

Look for Rivers to play an expanded role within the Giants defense on Sunday.


Make RG3 Pay

RG3 is going to tuck and run on several occasions this Sunday.

When he does, it's imperative that the Giants make him pay.

Not only will that make Griffin more hesitant to utilize his speed, but it could force him to make bad decisions with the football.

The Giants need to hit Griffin early and often on Sunday and take him out of his element. After running all over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6, Big Blue must let RG3 know that he will pay the price every time the ball is in his hands. 

The Giants are a physical team. If they play well enough, they should be able to put some good shots on RG3 this weekend.