Sports Bloopers: 20 Awkward Celebrity Moments

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2012

Sports Bloopers: 20 Awkward Celebrity Moments

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    As long as there have been sports, there have been celebrities trying to play them. From MTV's Rock n' Jock sporting events—our personal favorite—to midseason all-star games or charity events, bringing together entertainers and athletes is as old as time.

    Many celebs think that just because they played a little high school ball they can hang in there with the real pro's out on a court, but as we've seen over the years, not all can.

    Just as we've seen plenty of athletes or coaches embarrass themselves in front of the camera, here are the celebs who made things a little awkward with their (lack of) athleticism trying to play sports.

Kevin James

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    We've all seen it over and over. Fat guy tries to do something his body clearly won't allow him to do, he fails miserably, and the entire audience laughs.

    If there's a positive for James, it's that his flop at least brought attention to him and his new movie Here Comes The Boom—which, based on the previews, can use all the free promotion it can get.

George Clooney and Jon Stewart

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    Every dude has a mancrush on Clooney, and a ton of college kids get their news from Stewart, but before they were as big as they are now, the two were some of the must-see celebs during one of the Rock n' Jock baseball games.

    Clooney has rolled through a ton of hot chicks and been named "Sexiest Man Alive" a couple times, but that can't hide prosperity in this case. Cool hat bro.

    Knowing he tried out for the Reds once, at least we can hope he didn't embarrass himself on the diamond too badly.

Justin Bieber

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    Everyone we know seems to have Bieber Fever, but when he was trying to ball at the NBA All-Star Celeb Game a couple years ago, it looks like he didn't measure up to some of the other players out there.

    No, literally.

    Watch the video. Kid's so short that he's up to other guys' elbows, and he finds out the hard way why no one really liked playing with Karl Malone.

Jaleel White and Will Smith

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    At first glance, this pictures isn't necessarily bad for anyone involved, until you realize that's resident dweeb Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) taking it to the hole against Hall of Famer Reggie Miller and known baller Will Smith.

    Who knows how this shot resulted—it could have been a total brick, or even a blocked shot—but the fact it even happened is a little awkward in our book.


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    Nelly was going "down, down baby," when he got crossed-up by young Bow Wow during a celeb basketball game.

    If you've ever played ball, you're going to get shook, but for it to happen by Bow Wow as if he was the next coming of A.I.—which could be the case since he's got some skills—Nelly should be a little embarrassed.

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz

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    Just when A-Rod thought it couldn't get any worse following the past couple weeks he's had, we go ahead and play him like this!

    During the Super Bowl a couple years ago, he and his then belle Cameron Diaz were caught on TV with Diaz feeding the slugger popcorn. Umm, okay?

    Unfortunately for the two of them, anyone with TiVO immediately hit rewind and blasted it all over YouTube. The life of celebrities is tough, isn't it?

Jimmy Buffett

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    When we think of Jimmy Buffett we typically associate him with his laid-back Parrothead followers, wasting the day away with a Marg on a beach somewhere.

    But back in 2001, he actually let his temper flair up so much that an NBA ref actually booted him from his expensive sideline seats.

    We praise him for his Superfan attitude, but stopping a professional basketball game to escort a singer out of the arena is a little bizarre.

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

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    PDA is always a little awkward for any onlooker. You sit there uncomfortably looking at two people lock lips and go at it, thinking, "When's this going to stop?"

    But if you're funnyguys Ferrell and Reilly, it ain't a thing at all—even in front of 20,000 people are watching on the jumbotron.

Lil Wayne

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    Most sports fans would give an appendage to try and get free tickets behind a bench during a basketball game, but if you're rapper Lil Wayne, that's just not good enough.

    During last year's playoff series, Wayne got denied access to a game because he "didn't have a ticket." Turns out he did, he just didn't accept them because they were behind the bench, and not on the floor.

    His twitter tantrum that followed only made it a little more embarrassing for him.

Kevin Hart

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    Anyone who thinks this is real obviously doesn't have a bit of humor in their bones. But anyone who gets a little weirded out by this goof, well, join the club.

    Kevin Hart's a pretty funny guy, but staging an ejection from a celebrity game, then tossing your shoes, jersey, etc. into the stands is a little bit extreme.

    If it were legit it wouldn't be as awkward, but when you try hard to be funny, it just doesn't work.

Jay Crawford

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    In one of the most tragic sports commentator injuries, our main dude Jay Crawford tore his meniscus while playing in a charity football game for Kurt Warner. We just wish we had video of this to see if it was funny or not.

    Prognosis on the "Sportscenter" anchor is good, but as Adam Schefter reported the other day, he'll need some assistance getting coffee and donuts for awhile. Looks like one ESPN intern will be very busy for a while.

Keanu Reeves

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    Everything about this video screams awkward for poor Reeves. From the overhyped intro to his batting display and ensuing argument with the ump, he flopped on the humor meter.

    For pure entertainment though, after almost 20 years, we can begin to appreciate it.

Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly

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    As awkward as it is watching the host of this show try and play the video, (check his left hand hold the mouse while still trying to concentrate on the camera), it's even more bizarre seeing Trump and O'Reilly make a piss-poor attempt at the wave.

    Look, we're not big fans of the wave, but the thing's been a staple at sporting events for years, so to see how these two guys totally butcher it is pretty funny.

Bill Murray

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    We don't know a single soul on earth who doesn't like Bill Murray. He's given us films like Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, and even had a cameo in Space Jam

    But the avidly golfing Murray's humor isn't as funny if you're getting hit by one of his golf balls. That's unfortunately what happened to one poor onlooker during a round he was playing in Florida, but, in true Murray fashion, he eased the situation by apologizing and ultimately joking with her once he knew she was okay.

    Awkward? Yes. Pretty cool? Absolutely.

Gordon Ramsay

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    A lot of people know Ramsay as the mean-spirited chef on the cooking show "Hell's Kitchen." So when he got taken out by former English international player Teddy Sheringham, some in the kitchen may have applauded.

    But when he required being carted-off and needed some oxygen, well, that's a little more spice than he thought he'd get when playing in a charity soccer match.

Ben Affleck

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    Affleck's an A-lister from flicks like Good Will Hunting and The Town, and his new flick Argo looks pretty sick, but his attempt at a foul ball at a Red Sox game a couple years back was anything but.

    Dude not only didn't distract opposing player Howie Kendrick from making the grab, but for his miserable attempt, the home fans actually booed him.

    When you're the one getting heckled by fans and you're not even in the game, things get a little weird.

Chris Rock

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    When the Mamba's on a mission, one should know better than to mess with him.

    Rock found that out the very hard way when during a Finals game, the comedian was trying to shoot the breeze with Bryant and got completely dissed on national TV.

    Adding insult to injury, ESPN just had to interview Rock about it, making the incident even that much more ridiculous.

Nicole Richie

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    Unlike Rock getting stonewalled by Kobe, we wonder what would have happened had Richie tried running on the court to show him exactly what she wants to do with him?

    Thankfully, none of us ever had to find out. That's live TV for you folks!

Roseanne Barr

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    I mean. . .can't we catch a break? We get that she was big for having her own TV show back then, but the last thing we want to do is hear her sing—especially the Star Spangled Banner. 

    This just proves that actors weren't meant to sing, and if they were, they sure should keep it to themselves.

Ozzy Osbourne

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    While Roseanne singing was absolutely horrendous, we give her a bit of a pass because she was an actress trying to not only crossover into sports, but also into music. For Osbourne though, he gets no such treatment.

    This dude made a living as a singer, recording multiple songs and albums, with one of his hits even playing at stadiums around the world.

    But his rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" is so bad it makes Roseanne look like Whitney Houston!